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Self-Healing Living-Seastead

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    If impressed current cathodic protection is used, or a simple circuit through the hull with sacrificial anode, then the iron rust would be minimized, in fact it’s actually the same process which gives rise to biorock, so the micro-cracks would be filled in, and the hull would grow.

    At 22 watts per gram, it can easily do maintenance repairs,

    such as filling in micro-cracking, with as much electricity as a lightbulb.

    It would be interesting to grow the seasteads in spiral shapes like seashells,

    the accretion is focused at the cathode, so can have it close to the new construction area.

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    r u saying u have to supply electricity for this to work?


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    shredder7753 wrote:

    r u saying u have to supply electricity for this to work?

    that’s what makes it living.

    yes, electricity is how shellfish make their shells.

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    oops, just posted this in the coral growth with electricity


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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