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seasteading within EEZ 2

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    Well, I still cannot add comment within a topic.

    I log in, I go to the category, and it still shows that I am logged in.

    When I enter the topic my logged in status disappears, and I get no dialog box.  It is OK.



    So in response to

    Elan Wilson

    A few rather simple questions, I’m not sure if someone here might know the answers…is Sealand entitled, under these modern provisions of admiralty law, and presuming that it is recognized to have constituted Terra Nullius at the time of it’s founding, to maintain it’s own EEZ? How would this impact the UK’s claimed EEZ? If Sealand expands it’s topside footprint, would it’s EEZ extend 200nm from it’s new boundaries, or previous ones? For that matter, does the accretion and erosion of soil presumably affect the footprint of a dirtside nation’s EEZ? If a nation loses a half mile of coastline due to storm erosion, does it lose a half-mile of it’s EEZ?



    The first presumption may be erroneous:  presuming that it is recognized to have constituted Terra Nullius

    According to international law, I understand, only naturally formed lad can be sovereign.  No nation has recognized

    Sealand. So no nation recognizes EEZ of Sealand.  The platform is in UK EEZ.  It was not before. What is the law.

    I think the UK just does not want to spend any effort on Sealand because of its insignificance for them.

    Probably the commercial fishing, and selling the fish, and gaining significant amount of money would be different.

    But a few people fishing from the platform is probably not a big deal.

    Considering those people on the platform are UK citizens, now what would be the enforcement of UK EEZ?


    Similar situation would take place with a floating platform on the Pacific Ocean, within 200Nmiles from the

    California shore.  If the people on the platform are US citizens, and the platform flies the US flag.  And they fish.

    Would that be a significant problem for the USA to do something. And then what can be done to US citizens getting

    food by fishing in US EEZ.  And who would want to bother them?


    The other question: if land erodes, does the 200 Nmile EEZ shortens:  yes.

    If land expands does the country gain EEZ, I think , yes.

    There are answer to these by those legal experts,:Videos of Conference Talks
    Mr. John Briscoe and Mr. Myron Nordquist

    Ocean Law Panel Q&A at the Seasteading Conference 2012



































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    Ken Sims

    I’m not going to merge this thread as it would be inserted into the other thread in a way that would disrupt the flow of that thread.


    I’m not an expert on WordPress at all, however as far as I can tell, all of the login handling is cookie-based.


    I suggest that you log out, clear all seasteading.org cookies, log in, and make a note of what seasteading.org cookies you have. Then at the point where you appear to be no longer logged in, compare the cookies at that point to what you had before.


    What happens if you open the login link into another window/tab, log in, then close that window/tab and refresh the forum thread?


    I also suggest that you try a different browser if at all possible. It doesn’t have to have the latest bells and whistles. Right now I’m using Firefox on WinNT4. (That version of FF is the highest that will run on WinNT4.)


    Other people with the same authority as you are able to post replies in an existing thread, and you used to be able to do that also. Have you switched browsers, upgraded your browser, switched operating systems, applied patches, or done anything that might affect your browser’s behavior?

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    Thank you for your help.

    I use Opera browser.  Today it worked fine. I could post.

    I will switch to Firefox for seasteading, and do all those cookie things.

    It is probably the cookies. Yesterday I did an automatic fix for the startup files.







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    Right now I’m using Firefox on WinNT4



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