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Seasteading: The TV Show

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    It would be fabulous to have a drama on TV/Webcast that shows what daily life would be like on a seastead!

    In my vision there would be a cast, like “Friends” that lives together on a gigantic floating island (10km by 6km). The show would follow them through their daily lives and document some of the challenges they face and the joys of life they experience on this massive floating city. Of course, the show would be fictional, and some of the technology may be fictional as well. But it would not be like total science fiction, such as Star Trek. It would be ‘hard science fiction‘ like the Culture novels by Iain M. Banks.

    A television show could popularize the concept of seasteading, much like the short web videos and interviews involving The Seasteading Institute have brought so much attention already. Is it possible that, as a community, seasteaders could write and produce such a show? If not a show, than how about some 15+ minute videos providing a short introduction to individual ideas and concepts?

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    A reality tv show, “Shreddy’s La La Land”. It can feature eductional segments like “How to roll a perfect blunt”, “The cocaine diet – three lines a day, keep the fat away” and ” ‘Shrooming on a budget” :)

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    OCEANOPOLIS wrote:

    A reality tv show, “Shreddy’s La La Land”. It can feature eductional segments like “How to roll a perfect blunt”, “The cocaine diet – three lines a day, keep the fat away” and ” ‘Shrooming on a budget” :)

    okay, thank you sir. actually that could possibly be one such video. i wouldnt want it to be the first one released, but certainly we could detail some of the new freedoms that seasteading could provide.

    nice work ocean!


    My work

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    What I would like to see, is someone get a production studio to come off the hip with some money to build one of these things that could hold a crew of 8-10. Then, put 8-10 people on it and run a reality show. And the volunteers would take it from “just built and victualling”, to starting it’s migratory path in the North Atlantic or North Pacific Gyre (but not limited to just those two) to “fully running”. It would showcase some of the things you can do on a seastead, like aquaculture. It would give them something to do while they are there.

    And the seastead I’m talking about building would be of the “single family” sort, not some huge floating island. What’s more, perhaps the show could be run by the Seasteading Institute to gain publicity. They have the $500,000 donated to them. If they were to go ahead and build one single family seastead and use it as a PR machine, then it would show people that this lifestyle is achievable.

    On the business side, you link up with an aquaculture company like Open Blue Sea Farms to provide the knowhow, and possibly an initial farm for them to work. This would give open ocean aquaculture a little publicity as well.

    I’m sure there’s plenty other ideas that I haven’t thought up. But if the Seasteading Institute were to start with this, then move on from there, they would be able to have a proof of concept for a seastead, and actually show it in action via their TV show or webcast.

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    Shadowmane, I like that idea, but the family-size seastead I have in mind, along with multi-trophic integrated aquaculture would need things like minisubs with arms,, diving equipment and such… Not cheap, to say the least, even if built my way…



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    Well, I’m more of the sustainability type. You build a spar, or multi-spar platform that would follow the gyre in such a migratory path that you always have fairly mild weather. Or, you build that submarine seastead. Either way, the idea is to showcase how the whole system can be affordable, and doable by the average Joe. If you have 8-10 average Joes on there living a sustainable lifestyle (with a greenhouse on top, as well as windmills and solar cells), it will show the appeal of becoming a sort of sea farmer.

    You see, my idea is to start small, with sea farms in the beginning, and build to a city from there. A TV show showcasing this idea, and building towards developing a community (each successive season can add another seastead to the picture, eventually developing a seastead village) would show the feasibility of doing this. You see, the wealthy guys who started this whole thing think big. Practical people like me, with an anual salary of $28,000, think of affordable ways to do this without mortgaging your whole life away. Your going to want to start a kind of family farm and become sea nomads in the beginning.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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