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Seasteading Theme Song?

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    Found this, thought it was hilarious. Will probably sing this on the first seastead.

    Warning… RAP Music is often filled with profanity… this one definitely is.


    I’m on a Boat (featuring T-Pain) by “The Lonely Island” on their debut album “Incredibad”. Andy Samberg from SNL is the Lead Singer.

    If this song doesn’t make you smile, you’re going to need to loosen up ALOT for seastead life.

    Live Well!


    Profile photo of wohl1917

    about the profanity! Really nice boat, good looking mermaid…

    Profile photo of jgpeyer

    I was considering posting this song here as well. Good laugh.

    Also I recently came across a song by The Faint called “The Geeks were RIght” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TF297rN_8OY

    Trippy video, but fun song. Pay attention to the line: “Predator skill, chemical wars… plastic islands at sea”

    Profile photo of jhogan

    Yeah, Liz and I were looking at that a couple of weeks ago. We decided we needed to get them to do a seastead cover once we build the first one :-)

    Profile photo of kbxx

    Yes, its a digital short from Saturday Night Live a while back.

    Profile photo of Eelco

    The themesong of firefly would work, with only very minor modifications.

    ‘Take my love, take my land, take me where i cannot stand. i dont care, im still free, you cant take the seas from me’

    The entire show has a very seasteady-morale to it.

    Profile photo of Pastor_Jason

    Absolutely LOVE Firefly!! It’s a shame we didn’t get more than one season and one movie from that little nugget of gold.

    Live Well!


    Profile photo of Eelco

    Didnt know there was a movie. Thanks for making me aware!

    Profile photo of Thorizan


    There is no fate but what we make for ourselves. Each to his fate.

    Profile photo of Patri

    I came to this forum to post about seasteading music, what a coincidence!

    Here is my seasteading playlist. I’m interested in suggestions for songs to add:

    Name Artist
    A_Satisfied_Mind Johnny Cash
    America, Fuck Yeah Team America: World Police – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Baby, I’m An Anarchist Against Me!
    Barrett’s Privateers(09-09-99) Signal Hill
    Because I Got High Afroman
    The Black Pearl Klaus Badelt
    Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl) Looking Glass
    Caribbean Queen Billy Ocean
    Castles in the Sky (Peter Luts Ian Van Dahl
    Changes In Attitude, Changes In Latitude Jimmy Buffet
    The Coalition to Ban Coalitions Hank Williams, Jr.
    Copperhead Road Steve Earle
    Dead Horse Robin Holcomb
    Demand, Supply Rhythm, Rhyme, Results
    Do What I Like 2 Unlimited
    Don’t Download This Song Weird Al Yankovic
    Dont Tread On Me Metallica
    The Downeaster “Alexa” Billy Joel
    The Downeaster Alexa Christina (covering Billy Joel)
    Drug Dealing Corporate Avenger
    Everybody Wants To Rule The World Tears For Fears
    Fathom The Bowl John C. Reilly
    fbi file Corporate Avenger
    FCC Song (Fuck you very much) Eric Idle
    Fight for Your Right The Beastie Boys
    Floating City Y Kant Tori Read
    Freedom Rage Against The Machine
    Freedom Of Speech Above The Law
    Fuck the MPAA Futuristic Sex Robotz
    Hard Currency Information Society
    Haul Away Joe Mark Anthony Thompson
    He’s a Pirate Klaus Badelt
    High All the Time 50 Cent
    I’m No Angel Dido
    Ice T / Freedom of Speech Body Count
    Imagine John Lennon
    It’s My Life The Animals
    It’s My Own Business Chuck Berry
    Long Haired Country Boy Charlie Daniels
    Lovely on the Water Steeleye Span
    The Mary Ellen Carter Makem & Clancy
    Material Girl Madonna
    Moonlight Serenade Klaus Badelt
    The Moonshiner The Clancy Brothers
    Mountain Kind MC Frontalot
    Move Out / CP Drill KKL Information Society
    My Life Billy Joel
    My Life Dido
    My Son John John C. Reilly
    One Day I’ll Fly Away Nicole Kidman
    One Last Shot Klaus Badelt
    Only the Good Die Young Billy Joel
    Pirate Jenny Marianne Faithfull
    A Pirate Looks At 40 Jimmy Buffett
    Respect Aretha Franklin
    Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Iron Maiden
    Rob The Prez-O-Dent That Handsome Devil
    Sixteen tons BURDON Eric
    Skullcrusher Mountain Jonathan Coulton
    Smoke On The Water Deep Purple
    Smugglers Blues (Live 1989) Glen Frey f. Don Henley
    Son Of A Son Of A Sailor Jimmy Buffett
    Stars on the Water Jimmy Buffett
    Take The Power Back Rage Against The Machine
    Taxes Are Stealing Corporate Avenger
    Taxman The Beatles
    Under the Sea Disney
    Voting Doesn’t Work Corporate Avenger
    War Is Good Corporate Avenger
    Watching The Water Pretty and Twisted
    Weigh Hey and Up She Rises Irish Rovers
    What’s Mine Is Mine 2 Unlimited
    Where Would I Be Without IBM Information Society
    Whiskey The Jolly Rogers
    Will and Elizabeth Klaus Badelt
    Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum Jimmy Buffett
    Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life for Me Disney

    Profile photo of Patri

    Maybe once we put together a big playlist, we can put it up as a torrent.

    Profile photo of OCEANOPOLIS

    I would go for Imagine/John Lennon, the one and only.

    Profile photo of Hephaeston

    You missed one, IMO, out of your very exhaustive selection. Not that this should be the ‘theme song,’ just a great example of what we’re trying to escape.

    Gallows Pole — Led Zepplin

    Profile photo of kbxx

    How about Come Sail Away by Styx? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Im sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea
    Ive got to be free, free to face the life thats ahead of me
    On board, Im the captain, so climb aboard
    Well search for tomorrow on every shore
    And Ill try, oh lord, Ill try, to carry on

    From The Grand Illusion.

    Profile photo of SailorTrash

    Can’t believe no-one’s championed Jimmy Buffett! Pirate Looks at 40 works for me. 😉

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