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Seasteading reality TV show

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    So if we could make these Ball House seasteads as cheaply as I think out of HDPE, a group of 10 of these could be within the budget of a reality TV show. You have a team on each seastead. You put a year supply of food-storage food onboard each but have the goal be to catch and grow your own foot and to minimize use of the stored food. Have a hydroponic system for them to use. Have solar power and satellite Internet. Have one of the goals be to earn money while at sea. They would have to use kites to get to different islands on a migration path. A tug boat would tow them into and out of port once they were nearby. The show would be different enough that I think people would find it interesting. And clearly each week you edit a weeks worth of video down to 1 hour of the most interesting stuff. Bet it could work.

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    I would be more interested in a show that tracks the construction of the seastead, kinda like a junkwars on the sea. I always like shows were I can see people building things that are unique.

    A reality show that shows how people interact on a seastead might be interesting too – what laws/rules they make, how they get along, you know, the stuff us techies hate but our wife makes us watch. ok, I’m lying, I like those shows too :)

    You may get what you want, but will you want what you get?

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    Good idea. I love those shows about projects and constructions and stuff. Somone should notify Discovery or some similar network whenever prototype construction gets underway.

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    There is a wiki page for this:


    We talked some about making the construction part of the show in the discussion:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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