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Seasteading Outpost: A Seastead?

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    You prove my point. Make no mistake, I AM an American patriot and have sworn oaths to support, defend and bear true faith and allegiance to that effect but I know how ‘Americans’ are. I’ve seen how we behave, heard the things we say and have been embarressed by it! While there are people, like you for instance, who are intelligent enough to take things on a case by case basis, there are a whole lot more who do not. What’s more, ‘they’ just don’t hate US they hate all the so-called ‘First World’ countries including the UK. They feel, and rightly so, that ‘we’ fought and won the Cold War at their expense and after ‘we’ won, ‘we’ failed to own up to the promises ‘we’d’ made… As much as there are people in the First World who ‘hate’ Americans, the fact is they owe their lives and standard of living to the United States and they are resented for it as well…

    NOTE: As the Ministry of Truth has yet to create words to describe the current political realities, I shall continue to use the old verbiage…

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    We are very aware who’s printing money and all the B.S.related to it in this Mickey Mouse Wannabe Global(?) Economy(???). That is why we want to seastead. Lets keep our eyes on the horizon and the compass and not deviate from our TRUE course. A Seastead as an Outpost? Or not. Your input is very important,.. for the topic at hand. Ahoy, mates.

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    I think that EVERY seastead will probably have an outpost associated with it. Think about the logistics involved. Say your water distillation system goes down, and you need a new power supply. You can order the part online, but you can’t just tell the FedEx guy “bring it to this latitude and longitude”.

    By having an outpost in an existing country we can use that as a base of operations. Supplies are delivered to the outpost, and then we bring it to the seastead via boat or plane. This way we have a real address and location for supplies.

    That being said, we would want this outpost in a country that has the least-restrictive laws since the outpost will be bound by all the rules of that country. Having your outpost in the U.S. will severely restrict what types of supplies can be delivered, as well as what can be transported to and from the seastead. If you don’t mind your supply delivery ships being stopped all the time and boarded by the U.S. Coast Guard, then fine. And forget getting that shipment of pot.

    Hopefully the outpost should be located pretty close to the seastead to cut down on travel time and fuel costs. The government of the host nation should be pretty lax or easily bribed…or both. The outpost wouldn’t need a ton of land, but it would need to have ocean access and a nice dock area. Proximity to an airport would be nice too.

    Eventually this could be where a marine cable emerges for seastead communications. Or where the radio link would terminate if you are planning laser uplink or something similar.

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    I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Looking at start-up capital and my goals I have contemplated just purchasing a boat and going from there. (Funny, how you can purchase a Whiskey Class Diesel Sub for a couple hundred grand these days…) Just going at it in this way does greatly reduce up front costs. A boat is mobile enough to keep clear of major storms.

    The main problem I see in this is the trouble running a business due to communication issues. Even staying close to shore it is going to be very difficult to keep a reliable high speed connection if the boat is to remain mobile. This seems to be the largest hurdle to taking this approach to seasteading. Any ideas on how this could be overcome?

    Live Well!


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    communication issues

    I always look to the RV industry when questions like this arise. People have been just up-and-moving for decades in their RVs, and it’s no different if you are crusing down the highway in a monster RV or sailing down the river in a 40′ boat. The issues will be the same.

    That said, there are several solutions for internet access from RVs. The main method is wireless cellular cards, which can be purchased from most providers like Verizon or Sprint. Of course, you have to be somewhere where there is cell-phone access, which doesn’t work when you are in the middle of the Atlantic. But you could get close enough to shore to pickup a wireless signal.

    The other, much more expensive option, is 2-way satellite service. There are some automatic systems like the MotoSAT DataStorm system and DataTech’s DirecStar system that will automatically deploy and point, but they are very expensive…usually in the $5k to $7k range for installation. Look at http://www.dustyfoot.com/ for some automatic systems. Some companies like http://www.mobileinternetsatellite.com/ and http://www.maxwellsatellite.com/ sell manual systems that are much cheaper.

    You have to be stationary, so you’d need to drop anchor or stay relatively stable while you were online. And there are issues with sat-based internet, just like people experience with systems like Hughes.net where you get bandwidth caps and stuff. Great for surfing the net and sending email, but don’t expect to be playing World of Warcraft for long hours or doing a lot of video conferencing.

    Oh and don’t forget the monthly fee, which can range from $100 to $300 depending on the service.

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    I’m pretty sure that once people are living out there on the big blue, companies will jump on the new market very quickly and make something affordable.

    – Nick

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    He needs a solution now, not for something in the future. These are the best you can hope for with a moving system like a boat, or a RV.

    This is another reason why an outpost would be needed as a home base for a stationary seastead. You purchase a super-high-speed internet line for your outpost, and link to the seastead via marine cable or multiple wi-fi links. So when you purchase the internet access you are using a “real” address and don’t even need to explain that you are using this for a seastead.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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