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Seasteading Outpost Belize – a practical approach how to find a suitable beach property in the caribbean

Home Forums Community Active Seasteading Projects Seasteading Outpost Belize – a practical approach how to find a suitable beach property in the caribbean

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    After we have a agreement about what general parameters MAKE a great seasteading start up spots, we should be able to SELECT great start up spots according to the agreed parameters.

    Before selecting we should have a discussion and opinion building process if Mariachi are really a important feature, or how necessary is an airport, and english language.

    Let’s assume we have agreement on criteria and budget available with investors standing ready. (what we do not have non of these, but let’s assume) – next phase would be PILOT PROJECT phase.

    It is of essence that we do NOT put all our eggs into just one basket. We would split the budget into lets say 10 equal parts and dedicate each part to one start up project to give it a try to come “real world” – then we would let the 10 projects develop and assume that 8 or 9 get shut down by some not predictable local factors, ( a intransigent coast guard official, a anti seasteading neighborhood initiative, etc…) in the first year.

    We would pack up the failed start ups and re- asign their budgets to the 1-2 project left standing after the first year. We would end up with 1-2 seasteading projects “in the saddle” after the pilot project year and have some first success to report in a “media package” to go and look for larger scale investment and take it to the next level.

    That is how big research driven companies do business – they always have dozends of pilot projects in their “pipelines” and they assume from the very beginning that due to circumstances of any kind only a few of those will make it in the end.

    And this brings us back to Blueseed if TSI is touting big media on a single project that can fail in the very start up phase very easyly due to any kind of factors, a failure of Blueseed will be seen as a failure of the Seasteading Movement – so my advice : do not put all your eggs into one basket.



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    maybe some of this foks would buy a permenant resident and a cottage in a torusit zones…(less work i mean ) but anyway
    i did think that
    maybe new utopia website can give you any ideas? (look in way back machinne and the devlopment plan ) anybody posting here thats beeen in the new utopia projects ? it suopsed to have 3000 citizenses and somthing like that …

    sorry for my bad enghlis :(


    Let me update this 2 year old thread with pictures of floating shell structures suggested for the Rosario Islands, San Bernardo and Cholon lagoon zone. Floating shell platforms, Bay of Cartagena.
    Why going oceanic is next big ting to come.

Viewing 3 posts - 91 through 93 (of 93 total)

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