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"Seasteading Monaco" in 2012?

Home Forums Community General Chat "Seasteading Monaco" in 2012?

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    There are 7 billion people on this world and only around 200 countries and political systems to choose from. And with around 85% in the U.S. being discontent with their representatives in the government and polical rules, as well as Occupy Wall Street movement against the de facto economic rules, I would say that the time is ripe for the first seasteading countries to provide alternatives.

    Within those 7 billion people there are a lot of people with serious money looking for alternative solutions, not just Peter Thiel, and with the right pitch, just like Blueseed does for a very specific problem, a group of seasteading entrepreneurs could move very quickly in the coming year or so, in providing a solution to the “bad government” problem to the first adopters, the rich.

    For example, just this morning, I read a column which stated that the Chinese superrich (net worth over 100 million yuan) are voting with their feet, with 27% having changed their residence or citizenship statues, and a further 47% thinking of doing so:


    However, in many cases, these world’s superrich are running from a system they are not content with to a system, such as the U.S., that may be getting worse very quickly, and in any case, is probably far from ideal to their needs.

    Therefore, as a first step, I would say the time is perfect for seasteading entrepreneurs to start the first “Seasteading Monaco” in 2012, providing the principality experience to the superrich clientele, then scaling the lessons from those “early adopters” towards bringing the same model to the masses. Not too dissimilarly to how a tech company brings products to market.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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