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Seastead publishes "the cost of living on the high seas"

Home Forums Community General Chat Seastead publishes "the cost of living on the high seas"

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    “How much does it all cost?

    So, how much would you pay for all of this?

    Fixed cost: $379,000 per unit.

    Operating cost: $16,000/year.

    This most certainly is not cheap! However, it’s actually not as horrible as it seems. Let’s take a look at the costs for a typical 850 sq. ft single-bedroom condo in a downtown area (yes, I’m not exactly comparing apples to apples here, but living at sea has its own exclusivity and allure).

    Fixed cost: $350,000 per unit.

    Operating cost: $6,000 tax + $4,200 HOA fees + $2,500 insurance and utilities =$12,700/year.

    Add it all up, and there isn’t that big of a price difference between your downtown condo and your seastead condo. If they can actually manufacture seasteads at this price level, it could be attractive for some members of the upper class with the capital to purchase a second home, and it can even be attractive for enterprising and adventurous entrepreneurs with some cash to spare (I assume that banks will probably not be providing cheap credit for these homes at the outset).

    As time goes on, the expenditures will decrease through economies of scale and economies of lessons learned over time. As the industry moves past the early-adopter phase, access to credit should also become easier.”

    Read more at the link above.

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    The funny part is not that the price is $350k for a 600 sq.ft, $1000/month HOA fee,…can we even call it a studio?,…but the fact that the website is called “investitwisely”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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