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Seastead incorporation

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    Hi. I wonder if you can recognize me. An intro thread may not be needed, I already did once and forgot the account password and name. In a possible theoretical scenario, I would have people permanently living on a seastead. I then want to incorporate my own local government in the United States with the community already living permanently on the seastead. I know these laws vary by state, but I have questions I hope to have answered about local-level seastead government. How much power in the United States does a local government executive have, and if I founded it, what does it make me exactly? Can I then either declare myself or be elected as mayor/whatever title some other local community uses? What are the land requirements for incorporating a city or other local community?

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    I would say that the government needs to be on the seastead, if an insurrection or an invasion occurs, you may not hear about it for hours or days, it will then be much harder to take back control of the seastead unless you have remote control of critical systems, i.e you turn off water and power.

    A government type office in another country is called an embassy or government in exile.

    Those countries which have or had empires tended to have a large military force to keep control, but they were and are under intense politcal pressure to relinquish their empires.

    It may be possible to run several seasteads under one government but I do not think it will be common or easy.

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    What would be the purpose of incorporating a seastead as a local government in the United States? Incorporation protects communities from abuse form local government and allows them to create their own laws.


    A person may stay on a ship only as long as her captain permits it. Two ships may dock to each other only as long as both captains permit it. That allows a seastead to create laws regardless of government recognition. Others can’t force you to follow their laws, because you can relocate.


    A seastead differs from an incorporated community in that you can move it out of a state and it’s easier to quit or split it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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