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Seaseading within EEZ's?

Home Forums Research Law and Politics Seaseading within EEZ's?

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    Shreddy!!! Where U been?? Well, I got few deliveries in the Gulf,…last one a 70′ BRAND NEW ferryboat to Key West, lots of fun!!!

    Drink, eat, smoke, dream, have fun :) Got a 26′ cabin cruiser laying in Key Largo and taking few days (weeks?) off on Monday, first stop Sombrero Reef,…hombreeeeee.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rCwcYahvko Noting else, baby :)

    Sparky,..lol, just messing w/u :) Had few sailboats (lost track at 10), now a power boat. The truth of the matter is that docking procedures cannot be “written in stone” due to the fact that they are function of the elements (wind, current, tide, draft, how many rums and coke the capt’ had :), etc).



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    Looks like we be having a mild reunion.


    I’d like to inform the newcomers, that a) artificial islands only refers to things stuck into the ground,

    whereas what we may term “floating islands” are really just gargantuan vessels.

    2) Economic co-operation zone refers to commercial activity,

    and not to personal or self-sufficiency activities.


    Also we can’t live completely detached from the rest of the world,

    vessels require a lot of upkeep, and definitely some imports.

    So there would have to be trade.


    Typically as long as we are providing more benefit for the locals,

    than we are detracting through our activities,

    then they will encourage and support our activities.


    If it seems that we are benefiting them,

    but they aren’t appreciating or even taking advantage of us,

    then we can always move to nicer place, as we are indeed vessels.



Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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