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Seascrapers (another concept at dvice.com)

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    I’ll be mighty impressed by the engineer that manages a feat like that…

    King Shannon of the Constitutional Monarchy of Logos.

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    It needs work. I see no problem with the central structure, except for dealing with wave-height. Those arms don’t look flexible, so that’s a big problem with structural integrety.

    The central hub reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘tap-root’ foundation, from the mile-high city-scraper he designed. As long as it’s not allowed to fill with water or run aground, it should work the same as a sea-spar. Instead of going up, they spread the water-line up volume, into a disk.

    I think, instead of leaving a big hole in the center, it wouls have to be covered… Maybe make a sea-spar/monolithic dome?



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    The Navy shelved a technically feasible offshore base concept called Mobile Offshore Base (MOB).

    It was a very expensive concept that would obviously compete with limited ship building budgets.

    However, many good engineers worked on it.

    It was not classified, so information and reports on the program should be accessible through FOIA.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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