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SeaLaunch back in the game

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    And go hunt down the Quicklaunch tech for another business model.


    You can sell access to info, or access to space.

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    The problem with this proven, inexpensive technology is that most of the ground work has been done and could be implemented NOW. There is no ‘new’ money in it and so the ‘right’ people and industries can’t make any money out of it. Now, IF there were any seasteading communities and/or micronations in existence who could set up and protect it…

    < http://ocr.wikia.com/wiki/Oceanic_Citizens_Republic_Wiki>

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    Hey, so this is some kind of floating space-launching device.

    I’m rather confused as to how it works, why is there a large diagonal underwater section?

    Also wouldn’t all the propellant ejection rather quickly deteriorate the facility?

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    The Sea-Launch platform is pretty good looking, even though it was transformed from a semi-submersible oil rig with no consideration for aesthetics:


    Converted to seasteading use, I would imagine such a platform could comfortably house 800 or more people (it has a crew of just under 100 as of now). Linking just ten such units, you would have a sizeable, vibrant seasteading community/nation.

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    Tek launch uses a long tube. you mount it about 1/3 the way up on a pivot. Load the rocket in while it is horizontal, then drop the tail down into the water to reach the angle you want to launch at.

    The bottom is filled with natural gas, and as it ignites it expands , forcing the rocket/projectile up to low LEO. There is an iris on the end of the tube, it closes after the rocket goes by, and you only lose about 2% of the gas on every launch. (it doesnt all burn- it leverages the expansion of hydrogen gas)

    You would still need a LEO tug to go get it if you didn’t have a small rocket motor on it.

    This needs a solid launch platform for it – so obviously it needs to be large. and you don’t want to have too many folks on it at launch – so more than one.

    This drops the price of launching sattelites to the price of a Texas style BBQ.

    And it’s easy to launch your own satts , so no one can cut you off.

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    Ive seen drawings of something similar to this, but built into a mountain and powered with electro-magnetic pulses. In that particular case, the rocket is loaded into a shielding carriage, and the magnets push the carriage up and out, with the carriage then finally splitting and falling away from the cargo. The concept assumed that the initial thrust from the magnets would not be quite enough to get the payload into LEO, so it had a small booster for the final ascention and also for manuvering and re-entry.

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    I read everything I could about this company a while back as I was interested in investing in it. As I understand it, they’d burn natural gas to heat hydrogen gas with a heat exchanger. The hydrogen gas itself isn’t burned, and they would use an iris at the end of the cannon to slam shut and retain up to 99% of the hydrogen.
    The people that formed the company worked at Lawrence Livermore on this technology. They say it’s much more reliable and costs way less that magnetic rail guns.
    The projectile has a small rocket motor on it to achieve orbital velocity and to circularize the orbit. If you think about it launching from the ground without additional this additional thrust means your perigee would be at ground level.
    They want to launch propellant and small, hardenned satellites. It would be no good for lauching people. To many g’s.

    left my wallet on Enceladus.

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    I imagine you could have a human-transporting version if you lengthened the barrel. Just release the heated hydrogen more slowly, reducing the G’s, and using the extra length to work up to speed. Would require lots more money, sure, but still possible.

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    This is MUCH cheaper than a. rail gun, and doesn’t have to be kept in vacuum. Much cheaper to operate.

    This is best business to get started in. Gives you an income stream almost immediately, allows you to fly your own sattelittes, so you can start your free world Info systems to sell un-contaminated and un-filtered web access.

    there would be funding for this, with NASA out of the launch business, and ULA and Russia losing rockets all the time, suddenly an el-cheapo system starts looking viable. Ariene isn’t human rated, so it is a little cheaper, but still around 500 million a launch. QuickLaunch is shooting for 500K !

    Hardening for the high Gs at launch isn’t too big a deal, most satts have to be hardened anyway, and the tech for this was created back in the days of artillary nukes.

    QuickLaunch is mostly aiming (ouch) at the on orbit fuel depot business, and they have the cheapest and fastest delivery design out there. Fuel depot gives you a very reliable , and repeat, customer. There are lots of space folks out there, and MOST of them agree we need a depot, it is just to expensive to launch all the fuel for every mission.

    If you want to put humans up there , you could get a gig flying around and refilling sattelite fuel tanks, A lot of em cost upwards to billions, and they all fail when they run out of fuel. There is going to be a market for debris clean up too, and they are going to need LOTS of fuel, they have to change orbit and speed all the time.

    We are working on this at our NEO mining group over on Y*hoo groups, and it makes all kinds of fiscal sense. There is already funding going out to debris removal projects, and the depot study just got funding too.

    If you build it, they will come. AND you can come to them !


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