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Sea Steading Fiction Story Concept, Ideas, suggestions, anything. :D

Home Forums Community General Chat Sea Steading Fiction Story Concept, Ideas, suggestions, anything. :D

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    Hello all,

    I’ve been following the Seasteading Movement for years and as a writer I decided that I’d like to do a fun exciting book with it as a central theme.

    Current rough outline is as follows:
    Billionaire heir Goes through allot of effort to create a mostly self sufficient sea stead. Underwater turbines to gather energy from the sea, solar panels, fish farms, and even one massive platform used for hydroponics. Of course the big issue is materials but don’t see any way around that. Will always have to rely on land for something.
    The book starts the day of the unveiling. Including Denouncement of US citizenship and Heading out with the main ‘crew’ he has hired on for five years in USD.

    The first bit of the book is politics, and economics, were he tries to get residents and make the new country profitable.

    Second half would be a bit more exciting as soon as the whole idea seems about to work, Pirates. Not third world pirates. But smart ones who see a way to make themselves rich and kings. (Similar to the invasion of Sea Land by German Pirates.)

    This would involve a complete successful take over followed by an over throw as you can’t just claim being in charge over an armed population. Thinking a small group of support to arrive from the Sea Steading Community in support of the sovereignty of the new nation would be fun.

    Any Ideas, thoughts, changes to the basic plot? Hurdles to overcome after the launching? Criticisms?

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    Hello Chad.

    I like it. I also am working on a short story featuring a Seastead. I hope we can work together to flesh out some ideas and stuff.

    Pirates of an economic nature seems fun, although hard to write about. James Bond is more exiting than Shearson Lehman. But I think that’s the right thread, that the largest threat is human nature and not the sea.

    In my thinking about a Libertarian “Utopia”, I perceive the greatest issue to be internal. What if one person locks up or crashes the currency. What if one person gains a political dictatorship in some way; by owning 51% of shares, or by co-opting 51% of residence to vote as a block. The whole corporate structure of an initial launch is an issue. Do you base it on US corporate rules?

    The reasonable timeline for a story places it in 2024 (or mid-2020s). So by nature, the story is a “near future” novel. As such, there are some technologies that we can resonably predict, that may be relevant.

    Power: What is power used for? For lighting, light bulbs will continue to be more efficient. I expect by 2024 you can light an entire unit on one aa battery for months. So power usage is HVAC, particularly cooling if the stead is in a tropical climate. Also cooling for food storage. There may be a need for Motive power (moving the city), but this may be fuel based. I think you can ameliorate HVAC a lot by shaded design, and food storage by focusing on food generation that is not storage intensive; eating European style, for instance. Toilets and sinks are gravity based. Fresh water from desalinization (filters?) We’ll be 3-4 generations higher on solar panels, maybe 20% efficiency by 2024. So I’m not sure Power is that much of a consideration.

    Manufacture: 3d Printers will be common. They need liquid “ink” which turns solid, so the nature of plastics and liquid metals is important. It may well be by 2024 that people can “print their own guns”. Can they print their own ammo? What other ramificatinos are there if you can manufacture small objects in the privacy of your own home.

    Communications and Social networking: How interconnected are people in 2024? Does everyone stay online? Is the internet a satellite network? How much government control (NSA/UN) is there on personal communications. Do people text each other, have flash meetups, vote?

    Those are some of the things I’m working through.

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    I’m looking for a 3d Artist to help illustrate and promote my ebook. I need someone to make those sexy pictures of floating cities based on the design I created in the story. If anyone knows an artist looking for work, please PM me. This is a paying gig.

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    Just a quick update that I found a 3d artist.

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