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Robert Ballard as an Ally

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    Robert Ballard is one of the pioneers of underwater exploration. In his recently published TED talk, he ends his presentation with this:

    “My final question: why are we not looking at moving out onto the sea,” and shows this slide.

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    Eco celebs alone?

    Costeau Soceity founders?

    Discovery Channel celebs.

    MTV celebs?

    Don Trump?

    Richard Branson- best bet alone.

    Tap his sources & resources alone.

    Known undersea photographers, authors.

    Oceangeographic Ins, Monaco EU.

    Woods Hole Ins, MA


    USS Nautilus Museum, CT.

    USS Midway- midway.org: So CA carrier museum.

    HI HVCB- hvcb.org

    CA State Tourisim

    FL State Tourisim

    Boating Industry alone.

    Cruise Line Industry: stopover at Sea Stead City during Cruise for Guests.

    Yachting Boating Industry alone.

    other marine scientists worldwide.

    USS Hornet- hornet.org, No CA carrier museum.

    Honolulu City Govt Tourisim, HI.

    Mexico Tourisim Bd.

    Travel Channel celebs?

    PBS TV NOVA TV show??

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    We’ve thought about this area – reaching out to institutions like Woods Hole, or people like Richard Branson. The problem is that we don’t really know (in many cases) what we would do with them or how we would work together. And it seems a bit spammy to just say “Hey, check us out”. If we have specific requests (come talk at our conference), then it makes sense.

    We had some volunteers who started working on this, and if we had a good committed volunteer, we’d be open to doing more of it. The person would have to figure out both what concrete things we’d be asking, who is best to talk to, and do the outreach.

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    Robert Ballard (in 2002) talking to Alan Alda on “Scientific American Frontiers” about ocean colonization:


    It’s the “Into The Deep, Part 2” video, and about 80% in… he had models made of a spar buoy design and everything… in 2002!!

    I’ll look at the other threads on this sight that mention Ballard and see if this information may be helpful there as well.

    I recommend TSI speak with him, or his organization, as soon as possible, if this hasn’t been done already.

    There is no fate but what we make for ourselves. Each to his fate.

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    Thats helluva concept he has there, but it makes you wonder how much energy output his steads have, a colony of those beaconsteads would look really cool tho, like 1 helipad for every 5 steads other four generating electricity by using wind instead… I remember a similar antartic colony design from mid 70s from popular science… With perfectly suitable location for kelp farming it would really prove to be a good design… That said; old timers show what they re made of in any field exp>academics anytime anywhere…

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    Not that original. It’s the tilting ship thing,. He’s added a helipad, is all.

    If your goal is to farm Kelp and Oysters, not a bad set-up, until you try to have it all hauled to market. At least you have a ready-made fridge, in the depths! Switch on a power-winch and haul it in… Still need a way to get it to market…

    Could make them in pairs and haul them out, easier. Butt 2 together and you’d have a completed hull, for towing.

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    He put all of that very well. I especially liked the points he made about ocean exploration receiving little finding, and how 72% of the earth is waiting to be conquered while NASA, taking up massive amounts of funding, is drawing up plans for mars missions, terraforming and colonies which won’t even begin for decades (then you can wrap your mind around how long terraforming will take, and how infinitely more expensive development would be on mars than on/in the ocean).

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    Here’s a link to FLIP II… Longer, stable up to 80′ waves. 420′ long, 20′ diameter, draft of 340′.


    Just learned that FLIP has been anchored as deep as 4000′ 3-point system using modified Davit anchors and 10 tons of anchor chain.

    A smaller vessel, ORB (Ocean Research Buoy), is either round or doughnut shaped, with a central lifting well, for subs and rovs



    If you can’t swim with the big fish, stick to the reef

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    Incidentally, The time that people jumped from FLIP, to be rescued, it was anchored off of Hawaii. If it had not been anchored, it would have risen above the majority of the swell.



    If you can’t swim with the big fish, stick to the reef

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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