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Rincoin Coralstead Village

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    One of the best places so far, a partially floating village built on a coral reef.

    from http://www.seasteading.org/interact/forums/community/general-chat/seasteading-outpost-belize-a-practical-approach-how-find-a-su?page=3#comment-18634

    One of the most interesting places might be 9.785882,-75.85903 santa cruz del islote – it is promoted by its inhabitants as the densest poblated spot on earth. It is a coral rock that started as a fishing outpost for one family and as the family grew to a extended family they got “overpopulation” they live on fishing and tourism – and they would like to have a seastead as “extended territory” nearby – i think they have even a land title for that rock…


    They are really close to seasteading already… and they have birth and fishing rights to the lagoon of the san bernardo archipelago.

    see video

    They would be easy to convince that expanding islote by floating concrete honeycomb structures is a great idea. Watch the much bigger island in the background and the mainland coast being as good as uninhabitated.

    Ok. lets do it in Rincon – you can float hurricane free, the waves allow a modular building approach, you get workers (some 50 maximum) you can bring in material in trucks by land (sometimes when road is good) and in boat by sea (always), you have a enthusiastic mayor, you will enjoy a estimated interference freedom factor of 8-9 on the 1-10 scale.

    People comming in new can fly to cartagena take a bus or a boat to rincon (2 hours) – there are basic but economic overnight accomodation you can work with. In Balsillas just outside of rincon there is a tourism development with beach houses – so there is a general understanding how investment and development benefits a village – you got a excellent local investment and safety climate based on the understanding of the natives that they will go nowhere in generations if development does not come in in form of projects – rincon as epicenter of seasteading development they would like it.

    I can travel to rincon and grab the Mayor have a village councel tomorrow to make them sign our floating rights in exchange of bringing in a new source for jobs where there is non (exept Balsillas which is seasonal and creates a few watchmen and housekeeper jobs). The big mayority of the village knows the ocean and lives of fishing – the zone is overfished so current incomes are bad.

    The golden question is : what budget frame do i have to pull it off? – until now i had cero budget for “seasteading rincon project” – if i would have had budget frames i would have done it already years ago…so how do we change this situation?


    Okay er, I’d hold off on getting them to sign anything,

    based on conversation with first-nations it could arouse suspicion,

    they fear the “white-man” for having stolen their things with paperwork.

    Of course the Rincoinians may be different, though I’d still be cautious.

    For a more wholistic approach that is more likely to have long-term success,

    first join the community, get them to like you, get or create construction comittee.

    Once there your project proposals can be supported by various members of the community.

    Remember that community members can provide support with labour, finance, materials and ideas.

    We with You are a Network, our goal to become technologically-enabled reproducible family communities. http://weyounet.info

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    happy life

    I’ve gotta admit, It’s an awesome location, on the grand-line, between a negative and positive node, and nearest nodes are 2 balanced nodes, some very stable energies there.

    The most effective approach, would be to join on a floating object that you’ve already constructed, could invite community people to visit, that would be like your advertising.

    Can likely get into the community by helping them with various things in your areas of expertise.


    Rincon (translates abandoned corner) is the village on the mainland the picture shows the view to rincon from Ballsillas and the bay we would rent the floating rights for… it is the typical coastal landscape for that area – a small sand beach – followed by a mangrove zone – then followed by brackish lagoons and more mangroves finally giving room to dry land and cattle farm territory. Only a few roads connect the beach zones to the mainland one in Rincon, the next in Berrugas. (translates warts).

    This is the place where i got a land title for 30m beach for USD 3000 – in the late nightees – but it becomes increasingly touristic now. Floating and mooring rights for a seastead of hundred meter diameter for the next 3 decades will still go at a few hundred over the counter… the zone is hurricane free .

    Santa cruz del islote is the poblated coral rock just in front of this mainland beach. (10 miles from the main coast in the san bernardo archipelago) – get more images and videos of the zone here


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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