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Rights of SeaSteads, Dependence on SeaSteads

Home Forums Research Law and Politics Rights of SeaSteads, Dependence on SeaSteads

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    A seastead will have to either fly a flag of convenience or declare statehood and fly its own flag. There’s no other option, since unflagged vessels are nothing more than pirates in the eyes of the international community. If you are unflagged you can and will be boarded at will by any other nation’s ships…regardless of if you are inside the EEZ or in international waters.

    A flag of convenience can stop them in their tracks, and even a seasteads own flag might give them pause. Unflagged…you are open game.

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    A “nation” of seasteads would not require a state (monopoly of force or law). A stateless nation could even have a purely negative constitution that does not permit amendment, such as the following:



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    I do not hate mankind or distrust it. I do however distrust governments. We have been shown too often that they do the wrong thing when needed the most. And before you point out that government does the right thing frequently as well, we should be able to agree that a 10% chance the government will do the wrong thing is just too high.

    I am a not advocating that we don’t seek and foster the support of governments or businesses, to the contrary I firmly believe we should. If they do support Seasteads, then seasteading will be that much easier. But history has shown that we can no count on that assistance, or even neutrality.

    My overall concern is the preservation of life and capital. Seasteads will be a remendous investment. They will also be “risky” investments because of the physical and legal challenges infront of them. This risk means that steaders will need to generate capital upfront and will be less able to secure bank loans. This increases the burden on capital leveraging and makes capital preservation all the more important.

    Eisenhower said “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is essential.”

    Never forget your BoyScout Motto: Be Prepared.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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