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Questions about Ellmer's concrete submarines

Home Forums Research Engineering Questions about Ellmer's concrete submarines

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    so the 20 ton sub status is sunken for research?

    Was it accidentially sunk or on purpose and or who is doing what research on it while sunk?

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    Ken Sims
    Capt.Sean wrote:

    FOUR- I never called him any of those fraud, a scammer, and worse. I said he was using fake pics so stick to the facts or if they change the rules like he wants you’ll be out the door. Im here to learn what you guys are doing to see if i wanna get in on it. You dont research how to build a care just cause you want one. You dont go to a dealership and get told when you ask what the mpg are that you need to find it out i wont tell you. Again you better watch your self or you’ll be on the wrong side of the ban hammer with the lies you are saying so me where i called him a sham and an instigator. Do your research

    First, I had to give you an official reprimand. That’s not something I do very often so that’s says something about your behavior.

    Second, as far as I’ve seen, none of your posts have contained anything either positive or useful, so I’m celebrating my last few days as moderator by blocking your ass.

    When you get unblocked depends in part on what TSI decides to do about the forums. If the forums become the Wild, Wild West (or Wild, Wild Seas), I’ll unblock you at that point.

    If there is going to be someone(s) taking on moderation, I’ll let them make the decision.

    Volunteer admin, moderator (for a little while yet), and primary spamfighter

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    Ya Ken, I was going to mention it earlier, but yes, in this case, I support you.

    While I did learn a little bit from PJ’s response, 20 ton sub in Austrian Lake.

    capt sean, was detrimental by trolling, using negative emotions to ellicit response.

    perhaps we should make a thread, on forum policies/rules allowing users to partake.

    calm aware desire choice love express intuit move

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    Ken, good move. I mourn the end of your days as moderator. Sure, it’s a thankless job but you’ve done well with it. This isn’t high school folks and we’re all adults here, if you want to be negative then prepare to be banned. I’ve managed to lash out at several folks, including the officers of TSI in the past but since my methods were to critique using facts and arguments and to uphold good decisions as much as I would decry poor ones I’ve never recieved a warning or a ban. Not once.

    In the end, Captain Sean’s mistake was to ask questions and demand answers be spoon fed to him rather than to do the research himself. Education is not something others give you, it’s something you gain by studying the work that others have done before you got here. This holds true to this forum as much as it does real life. There is a search bar on this forum, let’s try using it if we have a question and only post once the work has been done upfront.

    Live Well!


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    I’m not even sure what that guy was trying to achieve, it’s almost as if he’s making personal attacks against Ellmer for no other reason than making personal attacks.

    King Shannon of the Constitutional Monarchy of Logos.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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