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    A few questions:


    Would a seasteading platform be a vessel or a floating house, or may be something else?

    If the platform is not a vessel, would there be any need for vessel registration or any other registration?

    If not a vessel, what kind of flag could a platform fly, and what would it mean?

    Would Coast Guard destroy a platform if no one is on it?

    Would distraction of such a platform be considered distraction of private property?

    Would anybody want to destroy a platform like that?

    Would such a platform a liability of the owner?—most likely: yes.

    Could the platform anchored in EEZ?

    According US laws could it be anchored outside EEZ?

    If a platform is produced, where could it be launched?

    Would there have to be any permission to lunch such a platform?

    If the platform is produced on US land, and it would be launched,  would there have to be permission to

    transport such a platform out of US territorial waters?

    Such a platform would have to be built close to a launching site.  Is there such a site?  Is it necessary to get

    permission to build such a thing?

    Is it necessary to get permission to launch?

    New and gray areas.


    I am not looking for opposition, I am looking for cooperation.

    More questions later.


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    My blog with pictures: http://exp30002.blogspot.com/

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    Problem with launching could be solved by building a modular platform.  Modules could be built on private land and

    transported to port, loaded on a ship and transported outside of territorial and contiguous zone.  Outside of contiguous zone

    the modules could be put in water and assembled into final platform.


    Platform and modules would have to accommodate available transportation, and the way of assembly in water.

    The final product would be a platform.  If anyone asks where it was made, it could be answered with coordinate numbers.

    Made in  ocean.

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    I suspect that this bulletin board is going out of use, because not many people post here.

    I think seasteading is not going out of use, and another bulletin board/blog/forum/web site

    will pop up.  In between there is the usual silence.  It is OK with me.  However, I will post

    something periodically, just to show presence.


    I think community is about the biggest challenge for seasteading.  Engineering and technology

    are all there.  My opinion is that social architecture is missing.


    There are models of social architecture.


    I appreciate any response;



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    I don’t want “social architecture”, i never want to be in a situation i cannot leave the neighbors and live somewhere else. I won’t ever be in any place where a government can tell me dogs are worth more and have more rights to my place than i do, where i cannot have a garden, or where i cannot do simple outside work on my place and belongings. My pontoon boat is gone because of humans and dogs, so is the majority of the trimaran i was building. Besides, you put 500 people on one of the $billion megaships TSI promotes, and they’ll be snobby rich people or destitute (after paying $300k for a 600 sq ft floating hotel room) with too much time on their hands. No thanks. I don’t want to smell dogs or smoke, hear gunfire or dogs or mufflerless cars, or pay for someone else’s excesses.

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    Thank you for sharing that.

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    Would distraction of such a platform be considered distraction of private property?

    destruction                                                destruction


    D. A. M. = mothers against dyslexia

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    On this video there is a Japanese Coast Guard boat encounters tsunami wave.




Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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