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quarter of a million chinese live on water

Home Forums Community General Chat quarter of a million chinese live on water

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    I found this as a “funny newspaper headline”,

    I’m just wondering if it has a real story behind it,

    the closest thing I could find was this blog:


    though there were several suggestions by top government officials, the most viable solution was to provide houseboats to 250,000 people and chain them together off the coast of China. The advantage to this solution is that, not only would the housing issue be resolved, but food stamps would be reduced, since those people could get their food from the ocean.

    Those eligible for houseboats should report to the local welfare agency to be placed on the list. The boats should be available sometime this century. For those enterprising individuals, it may be a good time to go into making boats for a business. How many boats do you think would be needed for 250,000 people?

    so if this is real, we could potentially assisst by providing experitse or seasteads.

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    Interesting example, out of real life – I wonder why nobody made himself the fun and did some maths here:

    I am sure the average chinese family is bigger, but if we take 4 people on one houseboat, we have 62500 Houseboats.

    And to imagine it easier in our minds in “3D” lets assume a square settlement, we get a side “lenght” of 15625 boats.

    If we imagine a little houseboat with 30ft lenght (x30ft) / 90squarefeet would be comfy (though i guess again that in china it would be smaller) we get a side lenght of the “seavillage” of: 47.000ft or 156.250m = 156km.

    An area of 24300 square km, hm, not too small,eh? Well, I suppose a medium Taifun would wreck the place and solve the problem for the goverment; maybe that’s the intention…

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    you got your calculations wrong there, Shoredweller. If the square were 15625 boats per side, given that the area of a square is x^2 (aka, one side squared – a square with a side of 10 would be 10^2 or 10×10 for an area of 100), that would make a “volume” of over 244 million boats (244,140,625). The proper way to find the square side would be to take the square root of 62,500, making the same assumption of family sizes per boat as you have made, which would mean a square side of 250 boats per side. Following your assumptions again of a boat length of 30′ (though I will change your assumptions from 30′ beam to a 10′ beam), and assuming these figures include the spaces between boats, you would have a rectangle 7,500′ long and 2,500′ wide (2286.6m x 769.2m) for a total area of roughly 1.75 square kilometeres. Also, as you listed, 30’x30′ is 900 square feet, not 90. In this case, assume two decks at 10×30 for a total square footage of 600′.

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    @Shoredweller said :

    Well, I suppose a medium Taifun would wreck the place and solve the problem for the goverment; maybe that’s the intention…

    Shhh, the CCP probably is listening. Don’t make them target our SS by your callous remarks. Well maybe they’ll just cause accidents to happen just your houseboats and pontoons. 8)

    ‘Edges own colony section away from @Shoredweller‘s . . . ‘

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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