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Profitable Seastead businesses

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    Although the creators mentioned several business ideas, one profitable seastead industry might be gambling. A super luxury casino might fare well on the ocean. It has the potential to generate massive amounts of revnue and the novelty of a seastead could appeal to high stakes gamblers.


    Sure gambling can be an option, but there are also a wide array of tourism activities, real estate deals, energy production, aquaculture, industrial installations like LNG plants, port and load terminal activities, ship repair and construction services, mining, salvage, medical free zones, trade free zones, scientific free zones, mobile power plants, mobile industry installations of all kind taking advantage of mobility in a global economy, flood save housing…

    Seasteads will probably develop along at least 8 major engineering and activity axes

    The catamaran float / The plate float out / The real estate squaremeter deal / The Captain Nemo float out / The bubble hotel / The current turbine / Breakwater lagoon marina / Oceanic port city design /

    We should probably forget any seasteading idea that is not “good business” from the first moment – only good business opportunities can bring up the money that is necessary to colonize the oceans.



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    Mobile sewage removal. Mobile battery maintenance. “Pirate” community radio.

    I have a thorium reactor under the hood of my car. I get ∞ miles per gallon.

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    Being new to this forum and seasteading in general, I have come up with a few ideas for long term profitable businesses leveraging the unique locations seasteads can be. These suggestions come from my experience in space operations, active duty military and a technical background. Feel free to hack on them, I have no pride of authorship.

    1. Sea based space launch – With prices going up on up on launches and launches failing to meet their prescribed orbits; seabased launch is a great opportunity for seasteading to tap into a specific market. The potential is endless. Since these launches will be taking place away from residential areas, FAA and other overflight laws are no applicable. Next, certain customers may have specific launch inclination requirements that can be met by a floating launch base. Enter seasteading. We will be able to adjust our position to launch to a specifc inclination.

    2. Seabased defense technologies – As we have seen on the news, pirates are becoming common a small part of the world. With the first seasteads being on large ship platforms, some type of self defense will be necessary. By developing, testing and selling self defense technology funds will be available to further develop seasteading and upgraded technology.

    3. Deep sea salvage – The ocean floor is littered with history. Not all history seekers have the ability or the tools to conduct deep sea salvage to recover history. Be developing a seastead to focus on salvaging the jobs could be endless. There will be plenty of collectors, museums and countries willing to pay top dollar for a piece of history. This is also something able to bring prestige to the seasteading cause.


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    Renting an island from a pacific nation would probably cheaper and easier for launching, you don’t need seasteading for ‘seabased defense technologies’ navy seals or sailors aren’t seasteaders, deep sea salvage? remote subs+research ships, again you don’t need seasteading… Seasteading literally means to dwell on seasteads(sea) 2nd and 3rd business proposals can be done by ships that are designed as good as any possible seastead perhaps even better. I’d rather rent an island from a pacific nation (e.g. Kiribati) than a floating platform for space launch, and such projects aren’t really suitable for the purpose of seasting anyways; they won’t deal with you since you don’t exist legally even if they do they’ll force you to give them service cheaper than anyone else, or they might even seize your space launch platform unless you belong to some nation (e.g. Japan). Seasteads are/should be designed for people to live on/in it and then do business not do business and live on it, don’t misunderstand that part imo, priority is being able to live out there and make it feasible by conducting business. Also it must be competetive, i’d rather study oceanography while cruising in a floating university than in MiT, i’d prefer a server floating out there to host my website so that my content wouldn’t be subject to most copyright laws, i’d rather my cash to be stored(even if it has it’s own risks) in a floating bank than some island nation if my money is white or red colored, I’d rather party out there than ibiza where no paparazzi can trace you, where no one limits what you use get high, where entertainment isn’t limited by state laws. I’d rather buy goods from a mobile dock on my route than visiting a nearby port if i was a tanker captain or naval transportation/logistics firm owner. Seasteads must be better suited to the subject business better than it’s land based and ship based examples. Casinos, Clubs, Brothels, Universities, Rehabilitation Centers, Medical Research Facilities(due to ethical and legal limitations in land societies), Renewable energy/fuel production, Commercial Ship maintenance, Data Centers, Holiday Resorts(Cruise Ships might actually be better suited for this but something new always attracts atttention of customers looking for exotic entertainment), Real Offshore Banking, Marina Services, Aquaculture… nothing else comes to my mind.

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    With a Seastead in the vicinity, wind, and even solar farms can be placed further out at sea. Electicity can be transmited back to the mainland grid (first or third world,) via microwave, as an export.

    Also, while we are generating all of this electricity, water desalination would possibly be another great export industry. Water could be processed on the seastead, then pumped into some sort of a blatter floating nearby. Then said blatter could be towed to whoever is buying. Sea-salt is the bonus.

    Few (non-carbon) resources are so widely in demand as (green) electricity and fresh water. Demand=Profit!

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