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President announces plan for wind/wave power

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    “President Obama marked Earth Day Wednesday by announcing a new initiative to lease federal waters for the purpose of generating electricity from wind and ocean currents.”


    “Wind power can generate 20 percent of the country’s electricity by 2030 and support 250,000 jobs, Obama said during a visit to a wind turbine tower manufacturing plant.

    It is part of “beginning a new era of energy exploration,” he said.

    Sounds like someone needs to work seasteads into these plans and get some of those jobs!

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    By the time you get the permits, and cut thru the bureacracy, and spend millions,…ure better off building a seastead. Why isnt the goverment doing it??? They are just talking,…and giving taxpayers money away “cause its “to big to fail, dude…”. As if like the big power companies will let anybody tap into their turf for a piece of the action, or buy power from the “offshore” guys. Only the big players will benefit from this, companies like FPL (Florida Power & Electric) who has an infrastructure (and the cash) in place. No small fish here,guys, just the New Boys On The Block, Obama & Company. Le roi e mort, vive le loi!

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    “ure better off building a seastead. Why isnt the goverment doing it???”

    No thanks! don’t want my seastead being built with stolen money.

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    bencoder wrote:

    No thanks! don’t want my seastead being built with stolen money.

    Couldn’t agree more. As for the ability to get into actually using these government funds, they’re only really available to established companies. Small guys everywhere are getting shut out. Red tape like crazy. Can’t get out of here fast enough it would seem.

    My children are not going to pay for the spending spree this government is on right now. I refuse. I choose to leave. I vote with my feet, as my father used to say.

    Live Well!


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    Was refering to building wind generators in federal waters…..Not the seasteads!!!!!!! Sry for the misunderstanding……YEAH, GOV. BUILT SEASTEADS,…THAT WILL BE THE DAY,..

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    If they insist on throwing people´s money on energy research they should aim a little higher. Like fusion:


    Wind, wave etc doesn´t scale very well. You can´t use it in space or in vehicles. It´s expensive. It´s simply not much of a step forward.

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    It is as Oceanopolis said, the Big movers and shakers in the Power industry are the ones who are going to benefit from this. I don’t know if any of you guys have heard of Net Metering but the idea is that if I go out buy and maintain at my expense, wind/solar/bio-waste power generating system to provide power for my home, the power company is supposed to ‘buy’ my excess (if any) power from me. This purchase can be in the form of a check in the mail to credit against my power bill in the future. THIS IS FERERAL LAW! In my home state of South Carolina, Duke Power and the local power co-ops have gotten around this by bringing up the “S” word (safety) and the “C” word (contract). The long and short of it all is that here in South Carolina, we will not have net metering any time soon. You see, the idea of We the People generating our own power is a frightening thing… Imagine all the ‘lost’ tax revenue! People learning that and coming to actually believe that they ‘don’t need’ all power consuming crap they have… scary stuff!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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