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A Practice Seastead

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    Before anyone builds a seastead and tows it out to sea you better know what will happen and what to expect for that first year before you put people’s lives at risk. One way to do this is to build a mock seastead on dry land. You build it exactly like you would the seastead you will be living out on in the sea. The mock seastead would have to survive on what is stored on board until next re-supply just like it would while at sea. This way you will know how much water is used, how much food settlers consume, and how to deal with waste. Power usage could be monitored to see what works and what does not.
    A mock seastead would also be a good training tool for new recruits so they know what to expect before heading out to the seastead. It could also teach them how to handle fires, power outages, and how to fix the life support systems if they break down using safe training exercises. Seasteaders could also practice water rationing to see if they can handle demands of being careful with their water.
    After a year on the mock seastead seeing how things went engineers, managers, workers, and owner can make adjustments to make sure when the seastead is finally ready for life out on the sea they can do with as few problems as possible.

    Who knows a good way to get people interested in Seasteading is to have the year on the practice seastead video taped like they do with shows like “Dangerous Catch” or other reality shows on the discovery channel. It could attract financial backers and the skilled people needed to help run the seastead or get it started.

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    A trial seastead is certainly a good idea; however, building it on land will miss many of the specific issues that will be encountered on the ocean.

    Probably the most realistic way to go about testing a mock seastead is to live on a real shipstead, like Blueseed.

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    I was thinking maybe not a year. But like a 1 month trail, make improvements then 3 month and make improvement, then a 6 month. That way improvements can be made quicker and hopefully make for a easier time to attract businesses.

    Have a list of “tests” like water ration, fake fire, etc. Run it like test on the international space station test. Except without bloated cost overruns and useless management. :-)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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