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Platform Zero

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    Yesterday morning I woke up early. I went to the jetty. There were two men talking at a parkbench.

    They were suntenned brown. I did not want to judge their personal hygene.

    I said: “Hi.”

    I went to the jetty. There were a woman and a man. I know some people live amongs the rocks.

    Or they just use it for sleeping there day after day for an extended period of time.  That can be years.

    (California blessed climate.)


    I saw sailboats outside the harbor. The sailboats were anchored and each seem to have a dinghy.

    I took a few digital pictures.


    Later I decided to sail, and I sailed by those boats.  There were 5 sailboats 2 motorboat and one

    large fishingboat out there.


    I sailed away, and when I sailed back to the harbor I saw one of the sailboat, under power, going toward

    the harbor. 


    When I bought my sailboat the seller brought it into the harbor to show it to me, because he cold not

    pay the slip fees, and he and his boat were kicked out of the harbor.  I think that is a usual procedure.


    I saw those boats and those people before, and I saw them yesterday too. I don’t know their names, but

    I recognise these pioneers of seasteading.  They are living on the sea already.  They might need a place

    to go also.  I think some of them would anchore next to a platform.


    Right now they are at Platform Zero.




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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