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platform #1

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    It seems like we can talk about lots of things.  I think the physical building of a platform

    would be the next step.

    That is probably going to be the way, that someone will build one and pay for it.

    I will be launched in water, and floated out to see.  There might be people left on it, or

    it might me anchored.  The next thing is to see what will happen to a platform like that.

    Will US coastguard or anyone else sink it?  Are there going to be people who choose to live on it?

    Is it going to possible to live on it?


    When people going to be live on it, what are going to be the rules?  Can we get along?  Can they get along?

    How long?


    However, it seems to me, that there are lots of small boats out there.  Some people live on those small boats.

    The small boats go back and forth between land and another land.  Small boats are in marinas..

    In marinas there are communities.


    Can there be a floating marina community built out there on sea?

    I think, the first step is going to be a platform.


    There might be some platforms out there already.  There is that guy in Mexico,

    who built a floating island out of plastic bottles.  The first storm might destroy that island.

    But until then it floats. There is at least one person is on it.


    What to do out there on sea?  A community of people would make it interesting enough to be be

    bearable to stay out there.  Are there going to be a community of people to make seasteading bearable?


    There would have to be some standards and rules.  Are there going to be enough people to agree?

    How to do conflict resolution?  There are some models, I guess.  Not so specific, but there are,


    etc…  I hope it is not going to go the way Heaven’s Gate or Jim Jones went.


    Anyways,  is anyone building a platform?

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    Community building seems to be the most important.

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    I saw a video about the Midway Islands, and the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge.

    Midway Atoll is an unorganized, unincorporated territory of the United States.

    Midway Atoll, in common with all the Hawaiian Islands, receives substantial amounts of marine debris from the

    Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Consisting of ninety percent plastic, this debris accumulates on the beaches of Midway.

    This garbage represents a hazard to the bird population of the island.

    Of the 1.5 million Laysan Albatrosses that inhabit Midway, nearly all are found to have plastic in their digestive system.

    Approximately one-third of the chicks die.




    How about to seastead close to there or on the island to collect the plastic garbage, and recycle the plastic into

    seasteading platforms.  And to save the albatross chicks. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Well.  Anyways.


    The plastic garbage could be collected and, with concentrated solar light heated, to melt together into a large piece

    of plastic and the albatrosses cannot swallow that.  And may be, the large plastic piece would float too.

    And may be seecreet/biorock can be grown around it and floated out into the ocean.


    And, may be with more videos and awareness there could be some public pressure on the authorities to allow that.

    The video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbqJ6FLfaJc&feature=player_detailpage


    A web site about the islands: http://www.midwayisland.com/


    The solution for something like this could be a positive publicity for seasteading, and this could build community also.



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    To pick up plastic on shore or in water before the albatross could eat it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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