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permanently submerged concrete structures – living space bubble concept

Home Forums Research Engineering permanently submerged concrete structures – living space bubble concept

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    What kind of design you choose will in part depend on the way you make a living.

    The captain nemo float out would go fine with a underwater salvage venture, or with a timeshare exotic yaching, or a scuba diving vacations model.

    Stationary bubble concepts can go as underwater hotel, underwater observatory.

    Deep Sea sphere concepts as Vent Base Alpha…

    The catamaran float / The plate float out / The real estate squaremeter deal / The Captain Nemo float out / The bubble hotel / The current turbine / Breakwater lagoon marina / Oceanic port city design /

    I don’t think big energy tech will be an early application – it needs a lot of venture capital and R&D.

    It is much easier to rent out a UW hotel room for a night in the exotic hotel market (tree hotels, ice hotels, adventure hotels) – it is also much easier to find a economic niche for a single family (beerstead, bait and tackle, daysailing, scuba) than for a whole floating community the size of a cruiseship.

    I think we will see a wide spectrum of different applications of floating concrete shell building to take advantage of the ocean frontier.

    Big seasteads will arise as accumulation of family units in the sense of Breakwater lagoon marina – not as predesigned megafloat condos.

    There will be a split in submerged solutions and surface float solutions todays outstanding floating concrete structures are more or less pointing out the way things will develop.




    The submerged bubble concept has two big advantages – it can create living space at sea at a economic price that will not track the waves even in small units of apartment size.

    could be something like the structures that exist as “underwater observatory”. The building technique could be taken very much from the rion-antirion bridge pylon.

    This would be a “of the shelf civil engineering” construction site – cranking out living space cubic meters basicly at land based concrete building cost – or even better as it is avoiding a expesive building lot – and taking smart advantage of the increased mobility on the watersurface for materialtransport and heavy movements.


    This kind of structures can be don in considerable size (70 m diameter has been performed and floated out in industrial projects). – Or very small – see our test plate with Don Arturo standing on it.

    Depending the grade of submerge and mobility this leads to concepts like the plate seastead where the living space is barley below the surface and the sea kept out by a 15m high seawall (just like the netherlands) , to mobile concepts like Sea Orbiter, the deep submerged ocean floor sphere city for mining, or the floating inverted skyscrapper.

    Interesting background: the building of the Rion-Antiron – Bridge Pylon

    Wilfried Ellmer


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    Ellmer, big energy tech/ venture captal/export business I think is a great way to lead the way. As steaders, an atsea port is amust for imports and exports for creating a commerce for survival. Most humans today are not roughnecks. A constant supply of energy will feed demand,and create cash flow to grow. Your aquatic ideas are also needed for supply and consumption. Even in the west they needed a town of different business to grow and attract more steaders. I do like your water/land combanation on another forum, though I would buy/own the land and rights and with no problems to water access. The fish farming is great, adding more variety, along with some type of cattle that can survive in the enviroment. Humans will always need a food supply. Wich is more seasteading?, submerged living or floating.

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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