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Partners for 80' Liveaboard Vessel

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    Am new to this Forum, but have self researched this concept somewhat, and have located a small ship I am considering
    now available for purchase, and looking for potential partners.

    This is a 2005 82′ Steel hull, unfinished, with room for 3-4 staterooms, or 5-6 depending on layout. Originally planned as
    a Scuba charter boat, has dive compressor, dive gear, 2 generators, twin diesel (low Hr) engines. It is a Displacement hull, so reasonable
    on fuel, approx 10Gal/hr. Located in the Carribean, I foresee it staying there and operating only on short cruises, anchored majority of time.

    Purchase options are:
    – Approx $45k – $50k per share for say 5 Full Time partners. or
    – $4,000 per single month share (fractional 1/12 Full Time) for anyone thinking part time.

    Following initial purchase, and the immediate (just stateroom) renovations required, Ongoing (strata style) variable costs would be;
    – Planned at break even, based on food and fuel needs, and scaled whether the owner is aboard, or absent.
    i.e. When aboard, $350-$500/Mo, When absent perhaps as little as $100/Mo.
    – A five year Annual Maintenance, and cruising program would be developed by consesus.

    Ideal partners are green oriented, have marine experience, desire a liveaboard style life, and have means
    for self sufficiency. The boat can certainly be involved in part time dive charters, perhaps to cover some expenses
    But in no way is this a profitable venture. Liveaboard, break even at best.

    Prefer some partners have existing yacht ownership experience but not requried. A variety of skills would be useful
    For example, carpenter skills would be very valuable in initial phase (possibly earn-in) and Steel welding etc.


    Hello Rob, i can offer you any kind of marine services, like maintenance, docking, anchorplace, qualified welders at a price per kilo and a cost and quality that is better than anwhere else in the caribbean.

    We have repaired and supplied container and bulk carrier ships for german owners here in the bay of cartagena. Cartagena is hurricane free and has the best “industrial muscle” in the caribbean.

    We prefer “afloat repair” jobs.


    Knowing what steel ship maintenance means – i personally prefer concrete floats for live on the water solutions…



    Cartagena Colombia

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    you can buy a turn key 100′ passanger vessel and save the effort of restoring, IMHO.

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    I allready have a toy ship 36m in good order withh accomodation for 20 persons it is our home and principal place of residence. All we need is fuel money to get to the east as I am currently in Australia.

    As soon as I work out how to post a picture I will upload one

    Happy days

    the fish

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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