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orthomolecular medicine

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    I work in a hospital. I am a big fan of
    orthomolecular  medicine, for myself.




    This particular field is highly contraversial.
    Treatments of orthomolecular medicine is generally
    not available for the general public.  And people
    are generally no informed by their doctors about
    options of orthomolecular medicinal treatments.


    Cancer treatment  with doses of vitamin C up to
    200,000 mg (200 grams) per day in infusions
    lasting 4-12 hours several times a week.


    This would be generally easy and cheap to administer.


    I think, the availability of such treatment would bring
    healty people too for possible preventive reasons.

    Do I need to mention growth hormon therapy on a seastead?  Steastead on-board production of recombinant DNA

    growth hormone, and administration of it.  There are many biotech people who would know how to do that.

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    Going into things like that, there are going to be dead bodies sooner or later.

    (just like in mainstream medicine) Better to have an explanation ready.

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    George Wade

    WORSE by far would be: the number of live bodies many times outnumbering the dead !


    The Orthomolecular community reviews their work far more carefully than their mainstream relatives do, because of the constant criticism. We could refer to directories of institutes to get an idea of what is available.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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