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Orsos Island

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    Jeff Chan

    Orsos Island seems to have been influenced a little by Seasteading ideas. I’d guess it’s a fiberglass barge.


    The marketing is slightly interesting since it makes comparisons to (mobile) land and yachts.

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    Jeff Chan

    Correction, it’s a steel hull with aluminum and composite superstructure. Looks like a slightly faired barge.

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    could i get a “show of hands'”? which is better the Bergstead or the Orsos concept? my design does EVERYTHING the Orsos does and does it much better. the Bergstead can survive the harsh reality of life on the ocean beyond the territorial boundaries. it provides electricity, water, and hvac. the Bergstead is also MUCH more economical on maintenance because it’s made of concrete and requires a fraction of the maintenance that a steel hull requires.

    why doesnt my design get any publicity?

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    yet a Bergstead could be completed for around $10M. just 2x the Orsos price (but with much less maintenance.


    The Orsos Island is a nice “artist version” how a single family seastead would look like.

    On the other hand when a Draupner wave comes in…

    I would prefer to have my family and assets on a captain nemo float out…

    A Sea Orbiter…

    Or a Ramform shaped Island that can take waves over the bow.

    The most important thing is to go away from fiberglass yacht technology and come to floating concrete shell and honeycomb technology – only this way real estate prices per squaremeter can come to a range where john blow can be invited to participate in the game – and this is the baseline of “colonization”. – the rest is “millionair toy”.

    Wilfried Ellmer

    Profile photo of shredder7753

    jesus fuck Ellmer. if the millionaires cant afford it how the hell would everybody else? let’s at least get somebody out there already!

    Profile photo of elspru

    shred, it’s clear that Ellmer is saying that there are much cheaper alternatives to using fiberglass.
    you’re the one that is proposing the multi-million dollar floating box ;-).

    Ellmer and I have boat designs that are in the thousands and tens of thousands range, much more affordable, and similar to land-based real-estate prices.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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