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Offshore biofuel refineries?

Home Forums Research Engineering Offshore biofuel refineries?

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    According to a UPI posting DOE announced $18M for pilot scale biofuel refineries, some of which are in California.


    Are offshore biofuel refineries a business enterprise concept envisioned by the Seasteading Institute?  If so, is there any way the Seasteading Institute can possibly benefit from this development effort?

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    If you can reduce any island’s cost to run diesel generators, you’d likely pick up a customer. The gotcha as i see it is that the most fertile places for growing biofuels are the outflows of rivers in a continental EEZ, and some of those locations are really busy with shipping or oil rigs. Right now, the best places in the news seem to be south of Alaska in the usa EEZ, Lake Erie between Canadia and usa, off the panhandle of Florida, and later off the Chesapeake Bay. It would be a hoot to vacuum up under a fish farm and convert those droppings from pollution to fuel.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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