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Office closed down – ESS AB

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    Since my company ESS AB (European submarine) has been mentioned quite a lot on the forums I just want to inform you that we have closed down our branch office in Cartagena, Colombia.

    Warm regards,


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    I don’t understand. I’ve never heard of your company before. Who are you exactly?
    Do you have a website or any kind of submarines or anything, in Europe for instance?

    Also are you implying you’re somehow related to Ellmer?
    I was under the impression he owned the business.

    Are you simply saying you’re no longer affiliated with him or what?

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    Hello Elspru,

    I am the managing director of EUS AB (that owns European Submarine Structures). My Swedish company provided Wilfried with capital for building underwater rooms. We also were involved in his concrete submarine project (built for a CA customer) for about two years. We ended our cooperation with Wilfried February 2011 and formally closed down our branch about one month ago. Wilfried was my business partner since early 2009. He owned 50 percent of the company. I just want to inform everyone on the Forum that my company no longer has anything to do with Wilfried’s business. We are still involved in Seasteading related business, but we have nothing to do with Wilfried or Colombia.



    Oh okay, so you make underwater rooms.
    I certainly hope you’re not intending to make them box-shaped as showed on your site.

    If you’d like to take advantage of the compressive strength of concrete, you’ll have to make them ellipsoid.
    Also you can get much greater volume per surface area for your rooms.

    Elspru, I have followed your projects with great interest. From a technological standpoint concrete submarines is a very interesting idea.

    yes I’d have to agree :-).

    Though floating and submersible concrete designs may be easier from a market-entry standpoint.

    However, based on my experiences I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do business with Wil. Neither would I recommend anyone to do submarine related business in Colombia. Wil’s business in Colombia/Cartagena unfortunately just gave me a lot of problems…

    I’m very big on self-sufficiency, so generally prefer to do things myself.
    Wil taught me a lot about making concrete submarines,
    though perhaps that wasn’t his intention,
    I’m still quite grateful for it :-).
    I hope he’s doing well.

    I heard he was making floating docks and platforms for locals.


    I will not comment on that – as this is not a topic that should be ventilated on a forum…

    A Professional would never do such a thing…and i need to work with people with a professional attitude and project handling that is kind of a minimum requirement in my universe… no more comment from my side …


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    Attention should be payed to the information posted in this thread. Such information is not published on a public forum unless there exists very strong reasons for it

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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