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Oceanstead Development International (OSDI)

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    We are pleased to announce the inception of Oceanstead Development International (OSDI), as the first “for profit” company dedicated to the seasteading business. The company has been formed by three TSI members, Octavian Gheorghe “Oceanopolis”, Johnathan Gibbs “jtg423” and Calin Ciufudean “Calin”. While our website is under construction, here is some information about OSDI and our first project, “The Man Made Key”.
    We are: “PIONEERING FUTURE OCEAN HABITATS” and we invite you all to do the same.
    Oceanstead Development International (OSDI) is a Florida based company that has developed a comprehensive business model to begin targeting the “immediately” profitable aspects of seasteading. OSDI has identified and developed the capabilities and systems needed to sustain safe and comfortable human communities living on the ocean. OSDI will provide services and business solutions in the following marine related fields:

    · Design, construction & operation of habitable floating structure

    · Onboard Accommodation & Recreation

    · Fishing & Aquaculture

    · Alternative energy production at sea

    · Endangered marine ecosystems protection & restoration

    To begin showing progress in these goals OSDI has designed and is involved in the process of building “The Man Made Key” (MMK), as an operational floating eco-marine habitat in the sheltered waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This will be our first project and will primarily target the hospitality business, though all of the “sub-businesses” will be explored during the operation.



    At the core of the project are 4, 38’ steel houseboats that will be rafted up, connected by welding, structurally reinforced and refitted, to form an atoll shaped floating structure with a central lagoon.

    WHY the 38’ steel houseboats?

    · Cost. A soft used boat market here in US drove houseboat prices to lows never seen in decades.

    · Steel. These hull models are made of steel. Strong, durable, easy to work on.

    · Hull design. During all the years in production this 38’ houseboat models used the same hull design. Therefore, much easy to work refitting the same standard design.

    SPECIFICATIONS (final product):

    LOA: 100’

    BEAM: 36’

    DRAFT: 4’-7’

    DISPLACEMENT: 30 tons

    LAGOON: 22’ X 12’

    ENGINE: diesel or gas.

    WATER TANKAGE: 600+ gal.

    FUEL TANKAGE: 500+ gal.

    ELECTRIC: battery banks, generator, solar panels, wind generators.

    2 DECKS: 1 main and 1 under-the-sun. Total area=4000 sq. ft.

    ACOMODATIONS: 14 guests in 6 cabins. 4 double cabins with head & shower (port and starboard) and a crew of 6. Galley and mess-hall, aft. Navigation in pilothouse on upper deck and crew quarters, forward.

    The business model for this is an all-inclusive, live-aboard style Caribbean vacation.
    OSDI’s vision for the MMK business venture is based on a Distributive Unanimous Partnership concept:

    1. The MMK and the businesses aboard are owned by individual investors bounded by a Partnership Agreement.

    2. All the decisions are made by the Partner’s unanimous vote only. (A supermajority vote of the Partners is needed for any decision to be approved).

    3. All the Partners are drawing equal share of the total net profits, calculated in percentage of the money and labor invested by each Partner.

    A short synopsis of the current OSDI partners:

    Octavian Gheorghe, Florida USA -Construction & Operations Coordinator. Merchant Marine graduate and over 20 years experience “messing around boats”, he brings aboard all the necessary boatbuilding and technical skills to get the job done. Likes sailing, swimming, snorkeling and hanging out in Key West.

    Calin Ciufudean, London UK- Tourism Coordinator. Studies in investing, finance & marketing. He brings aboard solid organizational and multi-tasking skills needed to accommodate our guests. Likes diving, spear fishing, treasure hunting, and vacationing in the Canary Islands.

    Johnathan Gibbs, New Jersey USA – Fishing & Aquaponics Coordinator. Experienced in hydroponics, dive master. He brings aboard a systematic, eco-oriented approach to production and productivity. Likes cooking, fishing, diving and “dreaming about sailing the deep blue”.

    For those with the drive and ambition to be a part of the emerging field(s) of seasteading and for further information regarding investment opportunities with OSDI, please feel free to contact us.


    Address: OSDI c/o Octavian Gheorghe P.O. BOX 540654 Lake Worth Fl 33454 USA.
    Tel: 561-634-0685 (USA) +44 75181 18418 (UK)

    Here are few grafics of the MMK.






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    I’ll make it a point to come and visit next time I’m in the area. How do you plan to keep the structure stationary?


    Starting to float out the first demo units, to show how living on the ocean could work, will be key for seasteading – if people can’t see it, they will not dream about doing it.

    Congratulations to OSDI keep going !


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    Heya Ocean, congratulations!

    Though I have to point out that we(GENESIS) beat you to being “First” over here :p That aside, it’s great that the two main seasteading concepts, permanent structures and boat fleets, are finally getting represented by for-profit companies =)

    Good luck with the startup and your future projects guys. We’ll be cheering you on from the other end of the planet.

    King Shannon of the Constitutional Monarchy of Logos.

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    for the warm welcome! I do have to mention that without Calin and John for partners, and without TSI’s presence, OSDI might have never happened.

    To livefreeortry: The MMK (Man Made Key) will be anchored or moored in the shallow waters surrounding Key West. We are targeting the cluster of keys laying between Key West and the Marquesas Keys as our “playground”.

    To xsndvd: OSDI will graciously accept the silver medal :-)

    We are looking forward to exchanging notes and develop business relations with GENESIS and CONCRETESUBMARINES.

    Ty, OSDI.

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    This is the problem as I see it. There are quite a number of people on this site who say that they are ready to move to a steading but very few actually doing so. This issues faced with this are many but unless we get out there and “just do it” there will never be any development in the public field of steading. A couple of people (Elmer, xnsdvd) are actually pursuiting this emerging field. Others like us at OSDI are trying to break into it and we will work with any interested parties. But with out support and recognition none of us will be sucessful.

    So I am throwing down the glove…

    Let us here your voices, let us know your support, reach out and become a community activily involved in doing… not just talking.

    Thank you


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    On a cautionary note: GENESIS just had our first major failure! One of the fish cages we built, with PVC pipe, glue and beer, caught wind this morning as we were hauling it out of the sea and actually went airborne! No one was hurt, no financial losses and it’s actually inconsequential since it was just a proof of concept. But I thought I’d just remind you guys that that getting into the business side of seasteading is going to be full of setbacks and financial output.

    Heh, it was fun being lifted off the ground by a flying giant fish net though :p

    Alan was there as well on his way through Singapore.

    King Shannon of the Constitutional Monarchy of Logos.

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    Hey, I had an idea for selling the various components of a seastead- power/water/food systems, etc.- to land-based customers to speed up the development process. xnsdvd suggested I look here, and it’s very promising and I wish you the best of luck. Heck, once I’m mobile I’ll probably want to join you. Anyway, you might still benefit from something you can sell land-based customers. Off the top of my head:

    • Home Water Recycling System
    • Personal Power Generator
    • Indoor Food Garden

    From the actual ‘stead engineering, I figure you can make such “mid-phase products” as:

    • Stable Aquarium “Island” Decoration
    • Floating Platform for an Pool
    • Spar-Based Mobility System for Mobile Oil Rigs

    And as I said, this is just off the top of my head. There’s bound to be more. Hope it helps.

    Profile photo of OCEANOPOLIS

    Setbacks? Money? No way. Will be a walk in the park….:-)

    Profile photo of OCEANOPOLIS

    As they say in Vegas, “better lucky than good!” :-) The truth of the matter is that the land-based customer will be OSDI’s bread and butter. And in general, without the land-based customers, any seastead will have a rough time making it.

    In terms of joining us, our door is open. The truth of the matter is that me, John and Calin will need help building and running the MMK. It is a fact. It is our general consensus that the cause of seasteading will be better served by involving few more people in the MMK project, as partners, rather then hire outside help. We do value motivation as the highest asset.


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    I would target the cruising community as well if I were you. Work out a deal with West Marine or some local outfit as a small satellite distribution center perhaps. Where in the Mule Keys will you be? Somewhere out in the middle, 2 points east of north of Ballast Key perhaps? It would be sheltered, but isn’t it part of the Key West National Wildlife Refuge? If I lived closer, I would certainly participate and contribute free labour to the success of your venture. As it is, if you guys can build it, I certainly will make it a point to sail down there and visit!

    < http://ocr.wikia.com/wiki/Oceanic_Citizens_Republic_Wiki>

    Profile photo of OCEANOPOLIS

    Targeting the cruising community is a very valid point. We do have plans of offering dockage “alonside” the MMK. Here is some disclosure:


    Numbers are based on 120’ of total dockage available for rent @ $7/ft/month. Average 100% profit margins. All numbers are net profit in % of 360 business days.

    @ 50% – $5,000.00

    @70% – $8,000.00

    @90% – $9,000.00

    The “marina’ type segment’s numbers are small. …Well, MMK is small. But when we take in consideration the fact that the boats docked (well, the sailors) will have acces to our cafeteria and (more important ) the Tiki Bar, it will add up. :-)

    In terms of where around the Mule Key, or Ballast Key, I cant give you a concrete answer. Yes we will be inside the Key West National Wildlife Refuge. This will be one of topic of the meeting we have planned with the Coast Guard in Key West. We hope, and will work hard to make it a reality. And when we will, pls come down and visit. Your Tiki Bar tab will be on us! (no premiums and draft beers only :-).



    Hello Octavian

    You can target divers – they have a decopause between 2 dives – they can not drink alcohol on your bar in decopause – but a good rest in MMK facililties will be a option especially if you are near to the good divesites (Wildlife Refuge).

    Keep the project rolling – we all need the pioneers starting doing it…



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    I am a PADI certified dive master (at least I was a couple of years ago and it would not take long to become recertified… two hours with an instructor and a test). “Deco-time”/decompression time or “the surface interval” is necessary to allow the nitrogen built up in your body during a dive to disapate before decending to depth again. In cases where you only decend to 30 ft or less there is little or no need for deco but when diving at depth there is a sliding scale, based on the depth and time of a dive, for determining the amount of time you need for your surface interval to maintain safety.

    Yup… diving will be offered on the MMK and hopefully I can get my instructors certification so that I teach diving to guests too. No drinking before dives…. That is a given. But afterward the party is on.

    We will also be offering sport fishing trips, eco-tours to wetlands ect, and many other types of activities (both recreationally and educationally) to our guests. We intend to use the live-aboard dive boats as business model for sucessful operation of the MMK but modified to include multiple avenues of recreation for all guests.

    Thank you


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