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No Man's Land Fort in middle of Solent luxury resort

Home Forums Research Business No Man's Land Fort in middle of Solent luxury resort

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    Viable business model for a not clustered “near shore stead” built on “low maintenance cost” “non marine deterioration” concrete foundations. This venture has a high score on the interference freedom scale.
    See video of the luxury resort below
    Daily Mail Article:
    Compare related concepts:
    Plate Seastead: http://concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t43963853/plate-seastead-plate-floating-element-for-ocean-colonization/
    Ocean Sphere: http://concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t56239662/oceanic-concrete-sphere-habitat/
    Rion Antirion Bridge Pylon of the shelf marine floating concrete engineering.

    Chambered floating honeycomb shell structure…in final status submerged to…70m depth…

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    I don’t know about that being “Viable business model”, Ellmer, they are seeking to hire hotel managers that enjoy being solitary, and someone like that isn’t going to rent rooms out to strangers, so as a hotel, they may have problems with cash flow immediately.
    Just brainstorming…..
    There was a spot on tv just now about using shipping containers as retail store space in Las Vegas (usa), which reminded me of Aeolius’s love of shipping containers, which made me re-consider the grid layout of 40x40ft, or actually two 40ft containers with two 20ft containers between them, giving a 20×24 open space in the center, which could be roofed over (or not) like the center atrium in that fort-hotel. But surely it’s cheaper to build a new steel building to the desired floor plan than to buy and refurb shipping containers, unlike Mauncell or Solent forts or Texas Towers.
    There was a steel lighthouse tower and residence on the Chandeleur Islands for years, but the islands have been washed away and reformed over the last couple of decades. I wonder if it would be trivial to get a new permit for a tower there, as a residence, based solely on precedent. Altho it’s now a wildlife refuge, unrestricted boating and fishing is allowed.
    Ocean, have you considered buying (or leasing) one of the rocks sticking out of the water on Cay Sal Bank? Even if it’s only big enough to just stand on at high tide, owning it would give you rights to stay permanently anchored there. Having a bed and breakfast floatie there would be a feather in a Fla keys fishing charter business. If i remember correctly, the place has good water and wind and sun, to provide electricity.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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