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New Age Of Sail

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    Dmitry Orlov predicts the collapse of America,


    will follow in the footsteps in the USSR.

    stages of collapse being, financial, commercial, political, social, and cultural,


    He also mentions how it’ll hit America much harder, as it’s less prepared, with obese, illeterate, fast-food junkies

    he does offer some solutions, such as teaming up with ex-cons or military people, as occured in post-collapse soviet union


    After the collapse he predicts a New Age Of Sail.

    In a climate where the tropics are only survivable during the winter, and the temperate regions only during the summer, we would still stand a chance if we establish a lifestyle where we chase good weather by wandering back and forth between the two, and practice Permaculture by establishing edible forest gardens and gathering food as we travel up and down the coasts and inland waterways. If we establish this lifestyle before we are crippled by the onset of permanent crisis, while bold experiments are still possible, we would stand a chance. And if we pass this lifestyle on to our children, they would stand a chance as well.


    Some notable idea’s he wasn’t aware for the writing of the article is superiority of concrete boats and oxy-hydrogen fuel.

    So he seems to believe that people will use wooden ships and burn biomass for fuel.

    Though otherwise it’s a nice story.

    To allow easy access to the shore and shallow waters, with simple construction,

    He supports using 32ft flat-sided Bolger or Sharpie square-boats with chine-runners and centerboard.

    The best combination seems to be a sharpie with both chine runners and a centerboard, that goes well to windward with the centerboard down, and can still sail passably to windward over shallows, with the centerboard retracted.

    Also he’s set up a Sail Transport Network, to help re-establish sail-based trading-routes.


    So ya, wat do you all think?

    Personally I’m quite excited,

    since I love sailing. 😀

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    Hey, nice loittle bolger model you have there on the picture – yours?

    Though having a round belly one, I like the easy build idea of chine hulls

    I love “Boats with an open mind” by Bolger…know it?

    Actually there IS a concept for a coastal/island trader boat in there, which is intended for “low economy island based countries” who cant afford fuel and costly materials…

    Not that far fetched anyway, cause I didnt know that there are still MASSES of wooden boats in use in “third world countries”, for fishing and trading. Bangla Desch for example.

    Or, out of quota reasons – there are Canadian Fishermen only allowed to fish UNDER SAIL (!) for regulatory reasons.

    The only flaw in the revival of the wooden boats after an “economic collaps” is the difference in availability of wood and forests…there are none left where they used to build a lot ships hundreds to 4000 years ago, Phoenizia, Karthago, Greece, Turkey…Treeless Rocks… England cut down most of its oak in these days….

    So (hard) wood has gained the price of steel. (Though easier to work with for the avarage post apocalypse / economic collapse builder

    Your above description sounds a bit like Costners “Waterworld” , eh? Old rusting tankers used as Seasteads, and Sailboats used for travelling and trading from A to B.

    I’ll check out the link now..

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    Big fan of fiberglass here. Easy to repair, lightweight and strong. If everything goes to hell, eventually stores of repair materials will run out, but that will take a while, and they don’t degrade. They can also be hoarded aboard as they don’t require a lot of space.


    Much like Eskimos and snow, boat people have over 30 words for “leak.”

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