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My Personal Seastead

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    I didn’t know where else to post this, but as much of it is still in the planning/research/experimentation phases I figured here was the best place. First, allow me to outline my needs for my Seastead:

    • Submersible & Mobile: I need to effectively disappear from the view of even national/military powers. A small craft in a large ocean goes a long way toward that mark, however mobility and submersion are two very strong aids to remaining undetected. I don’t think my design will be durable enough to drop below the 50 meter mark.
    • Self-sufficient: Able to provide comfortable (relatively) shelter, clean water, a renewable food supply (with occasional suppliments from the land), and energy production to meet the needs of the craft and her occupants.
    • Living area for a small group of people: Aside from my small family there is a good chance that we’ll need to take on the occasional passenger for extended periods of time.

    My idea is to build a teardrop shaped (horizontally) craft with a minimal sonar silloutte from a variety of angles. An “energy rig” would be deployable from a submerged state that would “blossom” once reaching the surface like an upsidedown umbrella. This “rig” would collect solar energy (both for optically enhanced PV as well as algae production for bio-fuel), collect rain water(dehumidify ocean moisture if not raining), and make use of wave energy.

    Ideally, I would like to see underwater Seasteads. The technology used to pull this off is the same technology we would need to survive outside of planet Earth. Either way, it would be nice to have a few friendly Seasteads floating out there to trade with while avoiding contact with the established nations.

    Live well!


    Profile photo of Thorizan

    Your design looks to be very nice, and similar in nature to a few others previously discussed in these forums. Having a completely submersible structure would be nice, given it wouldn’t need to worry about wind and waves. Having the lily pad-like structures on the surface seems like a great idea to me as well, with only having the parts of the seastead on the surface that are necessary to be there.

    Obvious things to work out would be air-circulation, leak-mitigation, emergency protocols, and a few others, but I am really digging on this design.

    The one issue I may have with it is the “minimal sonar silhouette “. Remember that animals that use sonar will need to be able to avoid you, as well as ships travelling nearby. Having that aspect as a pre-requisite could be interpreted as sending an eerie message as well. What’s the big need for this “secrecy”? What do you have to hid? Humans love a mystery, love to find things out. If you want to be left alone, being super secret about it is not the best option.

    Just some thoughts.

    Profile photo of Pastor_Jason

    I appreciate the feedback. I’m not looking to put this submersible under any serious pressure, so the construction wouldn’t need to be unbelievably technical. As for emergency systems, there are a bunch of low-tech answers to a problem that just immediately surface the vessel. This vessel would be under propulsion and have a sonor capability of it’s own so it shouldn’t be a problem to keep out of the way of major vessels. We’re not looking to be large enough or fast enough to pose a danger to native aquatic life.

    What I have to hide would be my family and friends should society continue to view any religious extremist as threats. We have a right to live and practice our faith. This has already been challenged all across the globe. Even “free societies” are beginning to persecute beliefs. My hope is that enough of us would take to the water to ride out these dangerous times and perhaps create something new in our dealings with one another. Only time can tell.

    To get this post back on track, leak mitigation would be solved by hull design and proper emergency equipment being kept on or nearby persons onboard. I don’t have a recyclable answer for air circulation yet, any ideas? What does NASA use? Also, what other factors need to be taken into account in a submersible?

    Live well!


    Profile photo of kbxx

    There really isn’t anything like this idea operating.

    Manufacture alone would cost millions of dollars. With all the R&D you would need for this it would require maybe $200 million to get the first one built. I really am just guessing, but I haven’t heard of any submarine built for less than 200m inflation adjusted. And those subs didn’t have to produce their own food and energy.

    Good luck though!

    Profile photo of Pastor_Jason

    $200 Million for the R&D for this huh? Who’s going to be paying me this huge lump sum of money? I’m doing all the R&D and construction on this. I’ve built numerous small craft before (1st 15′ custom canoe [with oar locks and a deployable mast for sailing] when I was 7 y/o with my father). Right now I’ve been working on and researching the different technologies I’ll need to bring together to make this seastead a reality. The only technology I’m playing with that is not “widespread” yet is algae as a fuel source, everything else has been around for quite some time (in some cases… decades!).

    Submersibles don’t have to be overly technical or complicated (unless they are made for war or remote operation). I think one of the largest problems I’ve seen on these forums is seasteaders who want to talk about living out on the ocean but have no desire to work toward that end. Folks, this isn’t going to just happen by itself. It’s not going to happen by chatting it up on forums either. If you’ve got an idea, put some actions behind it and see if you can’t contribute something worthwhile to the seasteading movement.

    A big “thank you” to Vince for being the best example of this at TSI. If it weren’t for his efforts I wouldn’t have even joined this group. It was the “can do” attitude and experimentation that drew me in. If I have to launch my own seastead solo, so be it. I’d rather take the step of joining a basestead and use the collective group to build something truly amazing to launch into the ocean. I’ll keep working both options until one or the other works out.

    Live Well!


    Profile photo of Aeolius

    I am reminded of the submersible base in “The Spy Who Loved Me”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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