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    A possible first step toward seasteading could be the development of a mooring site.

    This would probably have to be outside of territorial waters, at least a bit more than 12 nautical miles off shore.

    Multiple mooring sites could be developed to attach vessel to each mooring to be close enough for community, and

    far enough to prevent collision.



    Swing moorings
    Swing moorings also known as simple or single-point moorings, are the simplest and most common kind of mooring.

    A swing mooring consists of a single anchor at the bottom of a waterway with a rode (a rope, cable, or chain)

    running to a float on the surface. The float allows a vessel to find the rode and connect to the anchor.

    These anchors are known as swing moorings because a vessel attached to this kind of mooring swings

    in a circle when the direction of wind or tide changes.


    Dead weights are the simplest type of anchor. They are generally made as a large concrete block with a

    rode attached which resists movement with sheer weight; and, to a small degree, by settling into the substrate.

    The advantages are that they are simple and cheap. A dead weight mooring that drags in a storm still holds well

    in its new position. Such moorings are better suited to rocky bottoms where other mooring systems do not hold

    well. The disadvantages are that they are heavy, bulky, and awkward.



    Such a mooring site, in the middle of the ocean, probably had been difficult to find in the past.

    Nowadays, with the technology of GPS, a 10 feet = apprx = 2 meter accuracy is possible.


    Mooring probably chaneges with water depth.  More depth the more rope is necessary.

    And this is far from impossible.  Only question of rope, anchor, buy, an a vessel to take it all to

    location.  Can be relatively cheap.  It can be permanent.   It can be set one by one.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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