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A Modest First Step Towards Seasteading

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    Hi everyone. What I’m about to propose is an expanded version of an idea I posted on a thread fairly recently. However, in that thread, the application of the idea was as a floating casino/restaurant, gentlemen’s club, brothel and spa.

    The application I would like to propose this time is what I will call a self-propelled, floating, quasi-cohousing marina. Will go into detail regarding idea shortly, but wanted to state from the onset that this is just one possible way to start seasteading. There are others and I have no argument with those proposals. What I’m proposing is merely my idea of a way to start seasteading which you may or may not agree with. However, I think it is valuable to have as many proposals to choose from as no one has a crystal ball to look into the future and say they have the definitive say to start. Also, by the way, this will pertain primarily to the US although it is applicable in other countries as well.

    That being said, I’m also curious as to how many, if any, might be willing to support my particular proposal.

    In my prior post, the targeted market was oil rig workers in the Gulf of Mexico. The market for this proposal is an underserved group that is as often as not considered to be more of a nusiance than an opportunity. Their business is not really wanted in the majority of cases. Evenso, the market is fairly large and is growing. This market too, in my opinion, are ideal candidates for seasteading as they have voluntarily reduced their material possessions to live in cramp quarters. Are resourceful, nonconformist and fiercely independent. Love the sea for the freedom and adventure it affords them. And for the majority, can’t imagine going back to the life they had before. They also are quick to bond with and freely help those who’ve chosen the same lifestyle. What group is this you may ask? Live aboards, of course. This is probably the one group that would enthusatically embrace seasteading. And the reason I say this is because their lifestyle realistically is most likely how seasteading pioneers will live.

    The primary need of this group is for boat slips. Unfortunately, most marinas prohibit and discourage live aboards. The few that accept them typically have waiting lists. So you have a situation of live aboards living on the hook, stealthily living in marinas that don’t really want or tolerate them or being on waiting lists for the few places that accept live aboards. And for the lucky few that live in marinas that actually accept them, in many cases, the amenties are not the greatest. This situation has existed for quite some years and hasn’t improved or is likely to improve. This presents an opportunity as you have a limited good (in this case boat slips) in high demand. Or, a limited good that can stand some improvement.

    So my proposal addreses the needs of this group. Idea is to build a self-propelled, floating marina. The specific design will be a central pneumatic floating platform (PFP) supporting a multi-story building that serves as a common house with docks radiating from the platform. The ends of each dock will have a rectangular PFP pier. However, one dock will have instead a hexagonal platform that will serve as a heliport. Power will be generated by a solar thermal system and wave power generators with gas micro turbines as backup. Fresh water will be obtained through rainwater harvesting, recycling and desalination. Sewage will be convertedd into fertilizer and biogas. The fertilizer will be used to produce fresh organic produce in a bullet-shaped greenhouse atop the common house where a vertical garden will grow.

    Residences will enjoy such amenities as utilities, wireless internet, laundry, daycare, library, spa, fitness center, remote office rental convenience store, a restaurant/bar and water taxi service.

    The marina also provides an opportunity for an ancillary service – charter cataraman houseboats. As I propose to anchor the first marina off the shore of a coastal city in Florida, the charter houseboats can be used by vacationers who wish to explore Florida’s intercoastal waterways.

    Other income streams generated by the marina would be: boat slip rental w/utilies, guest lodging, wireless internet, convenience store, laundry, telework center and restaurant/bar.

    Regarding the restaurant/bar, this would not be limited to just serving the people on the marina. Will also bring people from the mainland to enjoy a unique dining experience as the city will be a backdrop to their dining. Restaurant/bar also can create special dishes unique to and in keeping with the idea of seasteading.

    Once the marina is built, it will become iconic to whatever city it is anchored at. The restaurant/bar will bring hundreds of people to the marina giving people an opportunity to see what seasteading is about. Between the free publicity that would be generated and the word-of-mouth advertising, this will advance the cause of seasteading like nothing else as there will be an actual physical embodiment of the idea.

    This will help everyone interested in seasteading or providing business products/services to make it happen.

    So by supporting my idea, you support yours. Financially, if you were to invest in the marina, you would receive a significant return in which you can use in support of your own seasteading plans. Socially, once the marina is built, you can stay as a guest with like-minded people, basically, be living your dream probably a lot sooner than otherwise. Or, purchase a boat and become a permanent resident. And by the way, this would not be the only one to be built. Demand is such that many more can be built. Businesswise, if you have an idea for a single family seastead, this would be the perfect market to sell to. Sooner or later they will need to replace their boats. If your seastead appeals to them, their next purchase could be your seastead. (And if anyone is interested in building ferrocement boast, this would be a good opportunity.)

    So, that’s my idea. Let me hear your thoughts.

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    Live Long & Prosper

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    It sounds great! Build it and they will come!

    < http://ocr.wikia.com/wiki/Oceanic_Citizens_Republic_Wiki>

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    Thats a modest first step. Id think buying a sail boat would be. Like what your asking about is a huge step costing millions of dollars. If you got that kind of money then go for it. Id start with a boat
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    I believe we’ve discussed that, elsewhere… Floating docks, Ganymeade Protocol, etc.

    A lot of nay-sayers, because it was too simple. We even discussed some compley, flexible docking mechanisms, as well as simply using fenders… If I ever get the money, I’ll do my own thing, also discussed elsewhere…



    Never be afraid to try something new…

    Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.

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    I wanted to address what is seemingly keeping seasteading from becoming a reality – financing. I’ve been following this forum for quite some time and have noticed that the limiting factor to getting seasteading going in a big way is the lack of investment or investor interest. I’m particularly sensitive to this as it also affects my project. However, at least for my project, I may have come up with solution.

    This will entail slightly modifying the purpose of the floating marinas from a residential community to a resort community. The targeted market is still the same. Believe marina will be of particular interest to this market so much so that they may be willing to finance it. So, my proposal is to offer fractional ownership shares to the liveaboard market. (For those who do not know what fractional ownership is, see link here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fractional_ownership ) By offering fractional ownership, project is similar to what Patri and Wayne initially proposed in their baystead concept.

    Long-term, however, this is just a means of generating the funds to move to the next step of actually building an open ocean seastead. I already have an idea for such a seastead which I plan on calling Sea Lilies and will possibly discuss in a future post.

    Again, let me hear your thoughts.

    Live Long & Prosper

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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