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Mobile Incremental Island (MI Island)

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    I have decided to call my project Mobile Incremental Island, MI Island (pronounced “my island”). The key to this project is incrementalism and KISS. The idea of having the best basic building block with as low of an up front cost as possible with huge potential for growth over time.

    The MI Island will consist of simple spheres small enough to pick up and work with at a low cost, and creating an easy system of connecting the spheres to each other. This allows for starting small with enough room to enjoy a weekend camping, picnicing, relaxing on, with the ability to grow the MI Island at your own pace and budget.

    I live at the end of a canal that goes out into the Gulf of Mexico. I have no neighbors on my end of the canal so I will be able to test things out without interference. I have a boat ramp which makes it easy for me to get these into the water.

    I have finished the most basic phase of my project but, I believe, the most important phase.

    I have created a hollow cement sphere just over 4 feet circumference (12″-14″ diameter) which floats with more than half of the sphere out of the water.

    A quick test of me standing on it would put the weight it can hold at between 100-150lbs.

    Cost of each sphere is estimated at about $5 each in material for this basic sphere.

    Time to produce is less than an hour total with 2 layers of cement. Though there is time needed between layers as well as time needed for curing afterwards (30 days).

    With phase 1 completed, I am ready to ramp up my efforts.

    Phase 2

    Creating 6 more spheres (7 total) for a small hexagon shaped MI Island.

    The challenges for this phase will be to figure out the best connection method as well as work on getting a streamlined assembly line process for sphere creation.

    Also, I will need to determine the cost and time associated with the connection between spheres.

    Phase 3:

    Ramping the size up to a toal of 37 spheres for a MI Island that is roughly 7 feet wide in the following configuration:

    At this point I will cover the top layer with a large tarp and fill it with beach sand. Test walking on the MI Island.

    The goal of this phase will be to determine the cost and labor of the tarp and sand. As well as determining how much sand can be used and any quirks involved in this.

    *note: the above picture is supposed to represent a tarp on the spheres covered in sand…I am not a graphic artist…

    Phase 4:

    Paddle to the end of my canal where it is deeper and has a current. Anchor in a deep part of the canal out of the way of boaters and spend a few hours fishing and sun bathing.

    The goal of this phase will be to determine how MI Island holds up under a mild current and determine ease of mobility and anchoring.

    Phase 5:

    Get a neighbor with a boat to tow us out into the gulf a few hundred feet from shore on a day with little to no choppy water. Spend an afternoon anchored.

    Depending on success, do a trial run of spending the night on the MI Island.

    The goal of this phase will be to determine how it handles waves and test the viability of sleeping on the MI Island.

    Throughout all of these phases the MI Island will be sitting in the water and open to the elements.

    Beyond these phases I will test the MI Island further having weekend picnics and camping in the gulf taking note of wear and tear to get an idea of necessary requirements for production.

    These first phases are for a prototype only, the spheres currently used are hollow and made of cement. A crack or hole in the sphere would make the sphere lose its bouyancy and require repair. The cables I will use initially will be the cheapest that I can find, maybe even using nylon rope. And the canvass used will not be viable for long term use.

    The production phase will have a long lasting, seawater worthy filled bouyant material with a 100+ year lasting shell and coating. The cables/rope will be replaced by a seaworthy flexible material and the canvass will also be from a similar material. The cost will be slightly higher but production time will actually be lower.

    I have spoken to a few manufacturers of the materials I would need for the production level materials and there is large up front cost that I would have to pay. I would rather have a proof of concept working before investing money into the better materials.

    There is also a potential for the MI Island creating electricity merely from the ebb and flow of the movement of the MI Island. I worked with a company that did some work with this and I would like to get to the point of exploring the possibility of using it with this.

    The profit potential for this is incremental as well. Without living on the MI Island myself I will have to start with selling them as niche “docks”. This would probably cover up front costs of the production equipment needed. Once the equipment is purchased and I can start producing these in bulk from the MI Island, then the sky is the limit. From full living spaces to community sized MI Islands. Each with their own challenges.


    nice plan – follows basicly the way it has been discussed on the forums – could work…wish you all the best !



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    Looks like a good plan to start.
    I like that you have added testing at each phase. Makes making a “fix” much easier.

    Profile photo of shredder7753

    is this for a SEAstead or just a pond? if in the ocean does it need to have a breakwater? perhaps some evaluation of what size balls would be necessary in each level of sea state (pun intended).


    Inventor of the “Bergstead”

    I cant afford this project send me money!

    Profile photo of Elwar

    shredder7753 wrote:

    is this for a SEAstead or just a pond? if in the ocean does it need to have a breakwater? perhaps some evaluation of what size balls would be necessary in each level of sea state (pun intended).


    Inventor of the “Bergstead”

    I cant afford this project send me money!

    My thoughts are that the distance from living space to the end of the MI Island will need to be equal to the distance of the highest wave encountered.

    In the extreme case of living in middle of the ocean you will need a 100 foot buffer of spheres to counter a 100 foot wave.

    Crude drawing:

    The waves come up over the outter spheres. Those spheres dissapate the waves.

    But yes, the early models will be for ok for calm waters.

    I also see use for using them as a breakwater.

    Profile photo of elspru

    ya, spheres have good surface/area to volume ratio’s.

    Considering the difficulty of connecting them, I’d recommend increasing their size for larger platforms.

    yes that’s a hexagon with 6 sides, which is comonly found in nature, wheras hexadecimal has 16 sides.

    hmmm, considering that they are somewhat like billiars balls, the only way I can see them being connected stably is with some kind of frame as large as the platform.

    though it is possible some kind of ropework could give you some loose connections.

    Another option is to put them in a large net, ala bottle-islands,

    though they could be faced with much abrasion in such environment,

    so I would recommend finishing with a metal applicator for max abrasion resistance.

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    Profile photo of Elwar

    Phase 2 complete. Much learned in the process.

    7 spheres connected, awkwardly held my 190 lbs.

    Gathering supplies for Phase 3. Assembly line plan figured out.

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