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    Seasteading and the Midway Islands;

    To build a seasteading platform using plastic pieces of garbage that is washed to the Midway Islands
    from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

    The plastic garbage pieces pose threat to wildlife, such as the albatross population.
    If the small plastic pieces were picked up on the shores of the island and melted into bigger
    piece of plastic, the albatross could not eat it any more.

    Seasteading platforms could be too big for an albatross to eat.
    Seasteaders could be allowed to stay, temporary, to collect the plastic garbage on shores,
    and melt it to a platform. Later the platform would be launched to sea and the seasteaders would leave the
    island on the platform. There might be seasteaders who appreciate such an opportunity.
    Either way, human stay would be temporary, and the garbage would be collected and removed from the island.
    And the garbage would be permanently converted into a form that is less dangerous to any wildlife.

    On the Midway Island, human presence is controlled by United States Fish and Wildlife Service of the
    U.S. Department of the Interior. There might be possible to reach an agreement between seasteaders
    and the government entity for mutual benefit.

    There could be other helpers too, who just want to volunteer time to stay on the island and benefit
    the wildlife. That would benefit the seasteaders too.

    Using google earth it is possible to look at pictures of different parts the Midway Islands.
    I have seen some plastic garbage piles. The plastic garbage, looks like, was removed from the sea,
    may be from the shore. There might be already some effort to remove this plastic garbage.
    And even when the garbage is removed it is piled on the island.
    With the seasteaders the plastic would permanently leave the island.

    (I have received a suggestion to contact FWS Rep Barbra Maxfield in Hawaii.)

    Some links:





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    Midway Island residents past and present.

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    To melt the plastic garbage:


    A small scale solar oil heater. Similar idea to the: Solar Energy Generating Systems (SEGS) in California,



    It just would be on much smaller scale and possible to take apart and put together.  The use of organic oil

    would be better for Eco-friendly use.  It would be used only for melting the plastic, no electric generation.

    People would be needed to go to Midway and pickup the plastic garbage and melt it.


    I am not sure how big is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I am not sure how long it would take to keep

    picking up the plastic garbage on the island, and how much garbage there would be.

    But this would be an effort.  And for the duration of such an effort the garbage would be less on the island.




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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