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Methane Project

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    Seems like an ideal project would harvest a sustainable product, generate good revenue, be scaleable, and enviornmentally positive.

    so how about harvesting Methane from the methane hydrate deposits. ?

    People have been looking at it for years, but there are some very scary problems. If you go down and start chopping into it, the reduced pressure at the site starts a warming trend, and it converts from a solid to a gas, filling the water column, and bubbling up to the surface, after going into solution.

    This can cause boyuncy problems, as the water is not as bouyant went big bubbles of methane are in it, in fact it was once proposed as a cause of ships sinking!

    The other major problem with mining is that you could start a chain reaction where the entire deposit warms and releases, killing everyone around. This is a very dangerous threat for global warming , and as these deposits are so large, it could be an extinction level event. It is also a serious greenhouse gas, one of the worst.

    But it is very easily cracked to hydrogen, which lot’s of folks in europe will buy.

    There are a few areas where it is already starting to melt out, namely in the Gulf of Mexico, and just off the coast of Russia, below the Strait.

    You could build a large surface area, low paraboloid inverted dome, and trapp this upwelling gas, and if you drop a heat sink further out, you may be able to chill it enough to liquefy it without to much more energy. (tho you would have a near enough energy source!)

    By collecting this energy source, you keep it out of the atmo, reducing a serious greenhouse gas, harvest a great energy source, and have a revenue stream that immediately starts generating funds.

    Whats not to like?

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    The other reason to start harvesting it


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    Methane Hydrates are one of the methods nature has sequestered Carbon. Methane burned releases CO2, which, theoretically will increase the global warming, thereby reducing the stored Carbon,… Negative feedback cascade.



    Never be afraid to try something new…

    Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.

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    carbon dioxide is very good for plant-life and thereby all life on earth.

    yes harvesting methane hydrates from the seabed would require a large amount of tools.

    however there are more “sustainable” sources of methane, such as from our sewage-systems.

    we could attach a release valve from the large-intestine to gas-storage, then can use for heating and cooking.

    additionally we could probably heat some water near the intestinal/composting tracts, could pump/valve it around the boat for temperature modulation, and potentially use as hot-water.

    what I mean by valve it around, is that boats tend to sway on the waves, with some one-way valves, can take advantage of this effect to passively move the water around the pipes in a single direction, we could achieve similar effect with sewage tracts.

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    Methane/Nat Gas burns cleaner, with less CO2 than any other fuel other than hydrogen. Pretty low on the Nitous Oxide components compared to any other fuel too.

    “Methane Hydrates are one of the methods nature has sequestered Carbon. Methane burned releases CO2, which, theoretically will increase the global warming, thereby reducing the stored Carbon,… Negative feedback cascade.”

    Gotta have some kind of fuel source. Solar thermal is coming, but all the good solar electric is patented to levels beyond integrating all the good techonologies into a single panel. Most of the rest is “hand wavium” , so you must be a fan of nuclear?


    CO2 is the least warming gas of all atmo gasses. and if we can figure out how to convert some of this methane direct to poly (like they are talking about with asteroid mining), we can sequester that into building materials, products, and possibly even hulls. (see the Catapillar 3D printing rig for concrete).

    Hydrates are the greatest threat to humanity right now, above impact events, and even tho i think the volcanos are gonna start spewing soon, only global warming of the seas to melt the methane beds are ELE that we can do something about, since congress just cut space funding again.

    All the latest studies show that extra Co2 is increasing leaf size, not food production. and the warming is redusicng the effectivness of the celluar machinery too, offsetting any increased gains in metabolism. This has been held back, just like all the other science showing adverse effects of warming, all the way down to the “Zone Map” used for planting areas in the US. Zone 3 has now moved up to Canada, and the tops of the mountains in the US.

    Tool intensive?

    Compared to what? This can be nearly passive. you really don’t want to chop into these beds until you have a mature tech to harvest this gas out of the water column let alone the easy, direct , gas. What other tech would take LESS energy/tools/manpower to harvest?

    Have you seen what it takes to harvest methane out of even human waste? It is great at farm, or even small village scale. Not good for replacing petrol tho….

    Human waste has to be cycled from light to dark, anerobic to aerobic. to get methane out cleanly. Is viable on a ‘stead, not really on a boat. Animal waste is better for harvesting, and for pollution control, but takes lots of sq footage.

    Get your boots on, and those plastic gloves.

    I do like the one way valve idea for liquid movement, may even be able to harness THAT for energy.


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    East siberian shelf is now melting at 10x faster than it was last year, and that is the stuff offshore in artic ocean. Permafrost stuff prob releasing even faster.

    someone better figure out a way to make this happen



    Take away the standing of corporations – http://movetoamend.org/get-involved

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