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Medi-Spa At Sea is doing cosmetic surgery on cruise ships

Home Forums Research Business Medi-Spa At Sea is doing cosmetic surgery on cruise ships

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    Jeff Chan

    Medical tourism on ships or seasteads has been identified as a good potential business. Turns out it’s already being done on cruise ships:


    Steiner Leisure is the commanding leader in cruise ship spa operations. Steiner’s Maritime and Resort Spa divisions operate in over 175 venues on land and at sea.

    The Medi-Spa Division of Steiner Leisure provides cosmetic medical services to the cruise industry. The division is lead by Dr. Brad Herman, Steiner’s Medical Director, and Jeanette Sian, Director of the Medi-Spa Division. Dr. Herman is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a practice in Miami, Florida. Dr. Herman trains and directs all Spa Physicians in order to ensure the highest quality in aesthetic and clinical outcomes. Jeanette Sian oversees the recruiting, training and operations of the Medi-Spa program.

    Spa Physicians currently provide the latest in cosmetic medical procedures on the following cruise lines:

    Carnival Cruise Lines
    Celebrity Cruises
    Norwegian Cruise Line
    Princess Cruises, and
    Royal Caribbean Cruises

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    So, tell me about the cosmetic surgery cruises, please. What all can be done, how much is the cruise, how much are the surgeries, how long is the cruise, etc.? Thank you

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    Hi Jackie,
    Wellcome to the forum.
    The post, you responded was written almost three years ago.
    I just wanted answer something.
    I hope you will write more.

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    Zutai Abunai

    If you are asking for the services for yourself, than you should just google them. But, it shows the for front of the medical field heading to sea, to get away with more. Not that they may be using dangerous techniques, but that they are using things so new, they have not been approved of yet. Or maybe they are using things like prosthetic breasts, rather than the silicon ones that are approved for cosmetic purposes.
    Though I dont like the idea of them using this venue for cosmetic purposes, it does show that you can have a fully functioning medical system at sea. There are many new techniques, that are being banned for use, due to not being approved of yet, and will take many years, before they are.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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