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Man Made Floating Island Project

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    This project used plastic bottles to keep the island floating. Picture and videos can be found here.

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    I’ve seen this plastic bottle platform concept in several places, and for some reason it really turns me off. It seems very cheezy to me: like “look what the rednecks did in their yard” kind of cheezy. I know the plastic bottles are being used for something at least marginally useful where they might otherwise be a nuisance, but it doens’t seem to be anything that would attract anyone to a lifestyle upon the sea, the lifespan of a plastic bottle as a flotation device, the possibilities for disintegration that spring to mind befoe on even examines the duct tape engineering that put this together- it’s more of a curiosity than anything practical, I suppose, and should be taken for what it’s worth. But when I contemplate moving onto the water, this is NOT something I would ever consider, and if it were my first exposue, it might turn me off completely. (And yes, I am taking into account that any publicity is usually good publicity, and everyone is a shiny, unique snowflake.)

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    I’d rather think of this as a low tech, low cost bootstrap step leading to baysteads. The guy organises tours already, so the novelty aspect and tourism prospects could help finance further extension, including higher-tech modifications.

    Also, maybe this kind of structure can be built cheaply enough that it reaches, from the very start, a size that would make floating wavebreakers better suited, and pillars/spars unnecessary.

    (I’m picturing of a 500×500 meters sand and rocks base covered in lush vegetation, with a few domed houses in the middle next to a helipad, encircled by an artificial floating reef where coral and other barnacles would nest freely. Now THAT would help the cause, wouldn’t it ?)

    Profile photo of Lord_Scorpio1969

    Great idea about the floating reef with coral and barnacles but we’d have to keep a really close eye on it as it would grow heavier and heavier with more and more growth of the coaral and barnacles. Whales have been known to have drowned due to the weight of barnacles alone growing on the large whales. (I’ll have to find the references again about the whales).

    Profile photo of Jesrad

    The great thing is that you can add more buoyancy on the fly by immersing new bottles underneath. As the whole thing slowly gets heavier, simple maintenance would certainly include correcting the buoyancy.

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    An important factor seems to me the one already mentioned: structures made out of plastic bottles are silly.

    That by itself does not mean they are useless. The island in question was carefully constructed, and made it through several storms (but it for sure wasn’t constructed for High Seas). If there are wavebreakers, less important structures could be built on them, if it is worth it.

    Seasteads are planned to have a large balast/flotation base below water, and that is where cheap plastic bottles could find another use – the air does not have to be closed in huge containers, instead fill up the bigger containers with bottles, and even a hole will not cause a complete loss of air.

    And to come back to silliness… it can be very well used as a part of the image. It’s just some harmless eco-freaks, building forts out of plastic bottles, you know? No need to bother with those.

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    Using plastic bottles insures it almost 100% it will not sink.


    I find the whole idea worth thinking about – just replace the bottles by other small mass produced floating devices like concrete spheres with a lifespan of 200 years in saltwater (proven).

    The spheres could have a better optimized size from 1meter (to be handled by a diver) to 10m diameter “house size” that could be a “family seastead” in itself and form part of a larger island giving bouyancy as “bouyancy tax” to the structure and its natural elements like barnacles mangroves and corals.

    Concrete spheres could be tied together to extremly strong structures by post tensioning like bridge and tunnel segments. Skipping the fragile netting. The Structures could grow both biologically and man made.

    For me there is no doubt that “concrete shells” are the key to seasteading – and mass production, multiple floating devices and adaptability strategies will play a mayor role.



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    Check out the “”The Dome” seastead idea” and the “Bunkers for temporary inhabitance” threads. Several of us did a bit of conceptual work on the idea of spheres there…

    < http://ocr.wikia.com/wiki/Oceanic_Citizens_Republic_Wiki>

    Thanks, wohl1917

    I see that there is already a concept of dome seasteading, ball seasteading, bunker seasteading.





    I would like to sumarize the concepts to the term of “SHELL STRUCTURE SEASTEADING” as a concept that relays on living space provided by a “concrete shell” that encloses the living space in a “hurricane prove” and “open water suitable” way.

    This kind of shells could go from raft like surface floating homes to submerged habitats all based on concrete shells (ball, lens, blimp, shaped) that are easyly produceable in family house size, mass production, at family budgets, and at average housing cost prices.

    Living in shell structures has not to be a bunker style, claustrophobic experience – see the floating luxury lens shell at: imulead.com/tolimared/concretesubmarine/marine/image/lens.htm

    Even a submerged shell can have light and living conditions superior to a standard yacht see: imulead.com/tolimared/concretesubmarine/anuncios/ak

    Communities of shell habitat owners could come together to floating islands – much like the bottle island – just not bottles but big bottles called shells some family owned some structure or bouyancy providing, some store spaces, some breakwater, etc…

    Wil Ellmer


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