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Magnesium extraction from seawater

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    hssp : / / w ww.magnesium. com /w3/forum/read.php?thread=1564

    To my knowledge there only two commercially used today. Electrolytic and Ferrosilicon
    are the two used. The later is also called magnetherm or pidgeon process. Dow used the electrolytic
    cell principal of extraction since 1916. In 1941 Dow began to use seawater as its source of
    unlimited supply of magnesium.
    Seawater contains about 0.13% magnesium. The seawater is mixed with dolime and placed in
    large settling ponds where insoulable magnesium hydroxide settles to the bottom. The slurry is pumped from the pond
    to filters where it is concentrated for additional processing. Hydrochloric Acid which is
    prepared from chlorine produced in the magnesium electrolytic cells is added to the magnesium hydroxide to produce
    a magnesium chloride solution. The solution is evaporated in dryers to produce a granular magnesium
    cholride product feed for the electrolytic cells. In the electrolytic cell the magnesium cholride is decomposed by an
    electric current into the molten magnesium and chlorine gas.
    The magnesium metal is drawn off and cast into primary ingots. It can also be alloyedwith aluminum and zinc. The
    chlorine is collected and converted to hydrochloric acid for recycling in the process.Dow at one time had a plant in
    Freeport Texas using this process. It has since been closed and is now a parking lot.

    Hope this helps

    Steve Louk
    Cleform Tool Corp.

    Now, personally: I don’t think that seasteading can compete with land based operations for any electricity expensive process, however a byproduct of our desalination for drinking water will be a FUCK TON of salt. Aside from Salt Farmer being a badass job description: pretreating the water for magnesium mining seems prudent. The fact that Magnesium Air Batteries have an enourmous energy density is a nice perk.

    hssp:/ / 20 2.11 4.8 9. 60 /resource/pdf/2509 . pdf

    Speaking of which: DARPA is hungry for a flying submarine. The mission requirements are parallel to my unsinkable lifeboat idea.

    hssp: / /en.wikipedia. org /wiki/Flying_submarine

    hssp:/ / ww w. livescience. com/technology/060301_spy_plane. h tml

    hssp:/ / gizmodo . com /5180773/the-13-million-deep-flight-super-falcon-flying-submarine

    Which raises the question: can the “grow your own coral” material make a single man pressure hull?

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