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Liveaboard Concrete Seasteading Advocacy

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    Hey, I’ve been telling people on the liveaboard forums about the advantages of ferrocement.

    Now they would like me to start a new thread solely on the issue of “rock boats”.

    from the Hull Materials thread:

    Seahunter wrote:
    Pierre wrote:

    [b]elspru[/b] you should start you own thread on the virtues of rock bottom boats instead of tack onto this thread.

    Anyone else in favor?


    Liveaboard Concrete Seasteading Advocacy

    I’m requesting your help in advocating for ferrocement and concrete boats.

    Many of them seem to be ignorant of the advantages of cement.

    Also they are emotionally attached to fiberglass.

    Even though I started a thread on anchors and anchoring,

    they have been vehemently attacking me about wanting to use a ferrocement boat.

    Also they called Seasteaders “boater trash”… 😮 so gotta defend our name!

    Here is a quote from Anchors and Anchoring thread.

    Liveaboards have paved the way for the homeless? Seasteaders as you call them (boater trash) have been around since the first boat was made thousands of years ago. Its the other way around. Seasteaders have given a bad name to living aboard so there are many restrictions on live aboards to prevent seasteading.


    Liveaboard Concrete Seasteading Advocacy

    Okay so I’d like your assistance with creating the ferrocement thread,

    preferably as much scientific research as we can have on it’s advantages.

    Also any research on the disadvantages of fiberglass/aluminum/steel alternatives.

    In particular I’m hoping Ellmer will help,

    who could also advocate his submarines as a liveaboard solution.

    And all the other forum members that are pro-concrete due to their research and evidence.

    Liveaboard Concrete Seasteading Advocacy

    This is a make it or brake it moment,

    so lets make it big, research, educate,

    and get the liveaboards on our side!.

    Liveaboard Concrete Seasteading Advocacy.

    Go forth, and spread the seasteading ideal!

    calm aware desire choice love express intuit move

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    double post

    Profile photo of elspru

    oops triple post

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    honestly, the edit button should be next to the quote.

    triple post :s

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    Beyond the couple knee-jerk negatives they seem sensible, also this one has a point:
    ” It is very , very costly to have a condition survey done on a ferro boat.”

    Integrity is hard to check on ferrocement… Many techniques even require a dry-docking, which is not feasible once your stead grows a reef. What about seperating the home and the reef, making the former more traditionnally built and the latter permanent and modular ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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