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Lily Pod – a floating earthship

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    Hi all,

    This idea is for those who are only interested in a single family seastead – which appears to be the majority on this forum. Additionally, will be constructed entirely of concrete, ie, the hull or shell. Again, something which should please the majority.

    Basic components of seastead will be a circular base that is a pneumatic stablized platform (http://www.floatinc.org/PSPTechnology.aspx). The deck will be shaped into a hexagon. The very center of platform and extending below it will be a concrete cylindrical half capsule with three blocks arranged in a tripod configuration on the exterior of capsule dome. (The propellers will be attached here.) Atop the deck, covering the capsule opening and extending somewhat beyond it, will be a monolithic dome (http://www.monolithic.com/).

    On the exterior top center of dome there will be a light tube (http://www.solatube.com/residential/what-is-daylighting/daylighting-sysytems-vs-skylights.php). Surrounding the light tube and also on the exterior will be solar collectors in a circular pattern or shape. Further down on the dome will be nonoperative ports and an entry hatch. A trench will run around the base of the dome serving as a rainwater collector.

    The edges of the deck will have used tires attached. There will also be short concrete posts near the edge of deck every few feet. Both of these will help in lashing together other Lily Pods or docking ships. Also on the deck will be another trench. This will contain biophotoreactor tubes to grow algae to produce ethanol and biodiesel. Nutrients for the algae will come from the sewage generated aboard. The biodiesel will be collected and stored and used to run a supplemental/backup diesel generator. Main power will be generated by a solar thermal system. The other notable structure on the deck will be a column that supports a communication system, radar, weather station, survelliance cameras, …, etc.

    Inside the dome at the very center will be an aquaponics setup. On the floor covering the top of capsule (by the way, the capsule section will house the utilities, power generation, storage and mechanical room) will be tanks to cultivate seafood. On 7′-8′ high scaffolding surrounding the tanks will be plants. Aside from the obvious purpose of providing food, this setup also serves not so obvious functions. First, the dome will be air and water tight when the hatch is closed. Consequently, the air inside wil become unhealthy over time. The plants will counteract this. Also, for both the physical and psychological health of the inhabitants, this setup is necessary. People can only go so long living off of processed foods before their health starts to suffer. Eating fresh food prevents this.Also, it adds variety which is just as important. Having green living things around has been documented to be crucial to our feelings of well-being. Being on the ocean months on end would become very dissatisfying for most without the presence of plants.Finally, the space surrounding the aquaponics setup will be divided into rooms.

    An issue specific to domes is that they are very good at trapping moisture. This could present a problem, but it also presents an opportunity. By using an atmospheric water generator (http://www.internationalwaterfromair.com/Residential_Systems.html) you can control the humidity level and product fresh water the same time.

    The Lily Pod would be a highly maneuverable, stable, sustainable, secure, low-maintenance home ideally suited for ocean living. The tripod propeller configuration will enable it to move in any direction which would be advantageous in linking up several Lily Pods, but still allow it to get around, the psp decouples the structure from wave action making it very comfortable and lessens seasickness, the aquaponics setup provides much needed fresh food, extends your store of food and along with the other life support systems aboard enables you to live comfortable at sea, the dome shape has been well documented as offering the best protection against bad weather of many kinds and finally, it has been established on this forum to most’s satisfication that a concrete structure is the way to go for long-term survival at sea.

    Optional accessories to make it even better can be added, for instance, a kite sail and either kayaks, dinghies or inflatable zodiac boats.

    What are your thoughts?

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