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Ley Lines

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    Making a Ley Line thread for all things Ley Line,

    lets have a recap:

    Ley Line Nodes

    balanced nodes

    The equator is known as the Grand Line has 10 balanced nodes, it is surrounded by positive-nodes, but is protected by it’s own balanced nature. It may become the hub of seasteading civilization. Remember it ‘s in the doldrums, so solar-power and engines are recommended.

    The balanced nodes on the southern 51st parallel are in the “Furious Fifties” places of very high wind and waves, so it’s recommended to only go there if you have stabilizers, or are a submarine. The high-winds and waves can be harvested for energy creation.

    The balanced nodes on the northern 51st parallel are generally close to land, so could potentially be hubs of mineral resources.

    The balanced nodes, on the 0th parallel are in the doldrums, on the 31st parallel in the horse-latitudes, places of calm winds so it is recommended to have solar power and engines. The calm winds, and balanced energies makes it easier to have stationary structures, so is a good place for gathering.

    positive nodes

    The positive nodes, are places of much creative energies, which is good in some ways, however some of them also create tropical-storms, so make sure you know how to handle the creative energies at the node you’re going to.

    negative nodes

    The negative nodes, sometimes called the “devil’s triangle’s” or “vile vortices’s”, and are known for the disappearance of many ships and planes so avoid them, unless you’d like to vanish. Some theorize that there are natural stargates that spontaneously form and gobble the unwary. Some that have managed to get through to tell the tale, report that their navigation equipment went haywire, or unusual travel times.


    As always, before going to visit a node, make sure it is safe to do so, and you are prepared for the conditions found there. For instance some of the nodes on the equator are unsafe due to large numbers of pirates, such as near Somalia. There may also be problems which aren’t triangles, such as the large amount of piracy in the south-china sea.


    Pastor_Jason wrote:

    Uh, Elspru… I know that the wisdom of God is foolishness to man but I’m having a lot of trouble understanding the basis for your faith in such archaic and unrelated theories.

    They are both ancient and new, ideas that have stood the test of eons. People knew of ley-lines in the ancient world, and the present world. The Ley line map I presented was compiled a few decades ago. whistleblowers such as from the Montauk Project have disclosed that man-made stargates actually piggy-back on the natural-stargates such as the bermuda triangle. People routinely go missing in the “vile vorticies” such as the one near Japan, which all their Japanese navigation headquarters steer people to avoid, those that fail to, often also fail to return. Most ancient sites lie along the ley-lines, and contemporarily military-bases have been set up to take advantage of them also.

    Since most of your balanced squares rest in the ocean, perhaps it would be ideal if you could set up a seastead in one of those locations.

    yes, certainly! The seasteading civilization can take advantage of many more nodes than the land dwellers, so our civilization may excel.

    Though I’m open to SO:BIZ being set-up anywhere, I think the basis for a location needs to be something a little more firm than Ley Lines

    As mentioned, ley-lines are quite firm and have stood the test of time. Many UFO and USO sighting are also found along ley-lines.

    if folks are going to buy into it and come to a consensus. I will however make sure we set-up a fairy mound once we settle the spot… you know… just incase.

    er those are typically burial mounds. though some like the pyramids have effects on the surroundings.

    A more relevant structure could be stone circle for gathering in and celebrating, though those are also best to set up on nodes, lines or meridians.

    Every property technically has a point with more energy, though it would require a good map of the area extending to major ley lines to chart out which sub-lines or sub-nodes could be taken advantage of. Another way to do it is to dowse for a location, perhaps invite the local holy person to identify a good spot.

    By the way I’ve updated the seasteader’s map to incoroprate the ley-line nodes, now people have some destination to go to and gather, rather than simply 200nm from shore. http://www.seasteading.org/interact/forums/community/irl-gtgs/seasteaders-map?page=2#comment-18304


    okay, so if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post :-)

    Profile photo of elspru

    Leylines can actually be quite hectic, for instance I looked up the local leyline meridian that goes from hudson bay to bermuda triangle at 76.8W, and there is what’s called the Marysburg Vortex, an area of extremely high number of shipwrecks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marysburgh_vortex

    So being away from leylines means we can have a fairly stable community at Belize. The leyline can also explain why the border of nicaragua and honduras is along the leyline, since that’s likely where most casualties were suffered, and so the simply stopped advancing at the line.

    One way of thinking of the leylines is as verticies of the planet, they are used by ufo’s for travel, so we can also think of them as highways. We don’t want to be on the highway, as then we might get run over, but if we’re nearby, at a safe distance, we can get more customers.

    London is about 4 degrees east of nearest leyline meridian, Toronto is 2.5 degrees west of nearest leyline meridian, Washington DC is 0.2 degree east of nearest leyline meridian.

    We with You are a Network, our goal to become technologically-enabled reproducible family communities. http://weyounet.info

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