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Let's Build Here!

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    It appears to have been attempted before and although he couldn’t create the island with only 36 feet depth you could anchor a large set of boats and opearte in internatinal waters. It should work.

    Any takers with the funds and abilities? This looks like the best bet if anyone is serious about this.

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    maybe thos happens and nobody make much noise abut this ? looks like the big deal ideas are fraquds or get baankrupt…. just buy a guid book leanr the langues and move somwher less hazzels and low profi? just buying a refigator a tente and a mp2 palyers and a speaker and then you open a bar in a far away harbouer/fishing village somwher in southeast asia be polit dont show you money keep you head lowe and mind your owen bussnis you can get lost anywhere or just start to work on a fishing boat? or a pirate boat? the pirates of mal<aca strait have many paspoprts and they manged to not stoped by goverment :)or just live in a old boat

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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