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Leadership without coercion:Example Constitution for TSI's movement.

Home Forums Community General Chat Leadership without coercion:Example Constitution for TSI's movement.

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    How many other countries give you the constitutional right to leave?

    2. Roots have spread out from the Tree of the Great Peace,
    one to the north, one to the east, one to the south and one to
    the west. The name of these roots is The Great White Roots and
    their nature is Peace and Strength.
    If any man or any nation outside the Five Nations shall
    obey the laws of the Great Peace and make known their
    disposition to the Lords of the Confederacy, they may trace the
    Roots to the Tree and if their minds are clean and they are
    obedient and promise to obey the wishes of the Confederate
    Council, they shall be welcomed to take shelter beneath the
    Tree of the Long Leaves.
    We place at the top of the Tree of the Long Leaves an
    Eagle who is able to see afar. If he sees in the distance any
    evil approaching or any danger threatening he will at once warn
    the people of the Confederacy.

    Treason or Secession of a Nation

    92. If a nation, part of a nation, or more than one nation
    within the Five Nations should in any way endeavor to destroy
    the Great Peace by neglect or violating its laws and resolve to
    dissolve the Confederacy, such a nation or such nations shall
    be deemed guilty of treason and called enemies of the
    Confederacy and the Great Peace.
    It shall then be the duty of the Lords of the Confederacy
    who remain faithful to resolve to warn the offending people.
    They shall be warned once and if a second warning is necessary
    they shall be driven from the territory of the Confederacy by
    the War Chiefs and his men.

    English translation 1
    English translation 2

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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