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Kite powered cruise ship timeshare on migratory route

Home Forums Community General Chat Kite powered cruise ship timeshare on migratory route

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    One big problem with a cruise ship timeshare is the ongoing costs. If we used the migration route and kite power, the ongoing costs could be reduced. It would still use engines to get in/out of port, just when out at sea use a big kite. Much of the travel market is retired people who have plenty of time for long trips.


    EasyCruise charges for food and does not use so many staff, so they can operate at $50/day per person double-occupancy. With kite power we should be able to do better than this for regular customers (less again for timeshare). Another thing that EasyCruise does is let people get on/off at any port. Since they passed by Anguilla my wife and I chose this line for a trip (saves air fare). We had a good time (stayed in larger room than the minimal rate). Nice part is you can eat on the islands without feeling like you are wasting money. Also you don’t pig out as much since it is not “free food”.


    Article on cruise ship timeshare. Has some prices on used cruise ships. Even mentions using kites. Says it would be easy for ships propellers and generators to make electricity as the kite pulled the ship through the water, even slowly. Even if the ship is all timeshare the regular customer market is important because many times timeshare people don’t use their slots. Can also rent out restaurant space, store spaces, gym, etc to help a bit in the funding of the operation of the ship. I would even charge for tender rides to/from the pier if the ship was at anchor.


    There really are a lot of islands that could be visited on this route. Probably could spend nearly half the time in port with a kite powered cruise ship (since it will move much faster than 1 MPH it can spend a lot of time stopped). Also, if there were a storm this could use the engines to get out of the way (seems like low chance on this route).


    Kite powered cruise ship could also count on a lot of free publicity. Kite power could be a good selling point for tourists who want to be “green”.

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    This looks like a no-brainer – what’s the catch?

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    Here are some of the problems:

    If we spend half our time in port, then we are not generating electricity by having the kite pull the propellers through the water at least half the time.

    If we want to spend half the time in port, we are probably staying at each stop like 5 days. Most cruise ships would only stop for 1 day at each location. Personally I think most islands are interesting enough to spend 5 days on, so I think the market for a more relaxed pace could be a big enough niche to be interesting. But any untested market has great uncertainty.

    Most people are ok in a small cruise ship room for 6 days. But to live on a ship for a long time they would need more space. So if it is $100,000 for a small room and a family wants to have 5 rooms or more, then we are looking at $500,000+ and this is still small compared to the house the family had before.

    Islands can charge boats just to anchor in their harbor. And if you are there 5 days they might even want to charge you hotel tax.

    Getting lots of people to each put up lots of money in a new venture that has no operational history yet is hard. Most people with money are just not that foolish.

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    Vince, what are the operational costs for a ship like the one described in the ezine article? E.g. how much would the owners have to pay per month to operate the ship and move around slowly? Is fuel the main component of the cost?

    If the cost-per-time are reasonable, then the cruise ship option seems quite attractive.

    I can imagine a fleet of cruise ships housing seasteaders, migrating around various routes, coordinating to meet sometimes for conferences or parties, or to swap passengers. Might be a nice way to live.

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    DanB wrote:

    Vince, what are the operational costs for a ship like the one described in the ezine article? E.g. how much would the owners have to pay per month to operate the ship and move around slowly? Is fuel the main component of the cost?

    I don’t really have operational costs data for ships, I am just working off the easycruise.com customer price for a cruise that does not include “free food”. EasyCruise was charging $50/person for 2 in a room. So this is $1,500/month each. The fuel for moving and electricity generation seems like a big component of operating costs. The only other thing that might be more would be staff. The easycruise.com and seasteading approaches don’t need large staffs. If there are a bunch of families they might cook most of their own food. In seasteading I would expect them to clean their own rooms. Anyway, my point was just that this existing real thing provides some bound for cost estimates and if we reduce costs compared to them we should be below their prices. So reducing fuel costs (kite for propulsion and electricity generation), smaller staff (residents cook and clean for themselves), and timeshare (cover capital costs part of monthly price) should reduce that $1,500/month to a very reasonable number. So it is just reasoning that it should be possible.

    However, the small room size makes the estimate/bound not so easy. People living someplace need more space than people just sleeping someplace for a week (and out seeing the sights during the day). So the bound is not as tight as it might seem. So would not really be as cheap as might first think.

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    The rooms in the Oasis of the Seas look like something that could be worthy of longer term habitation. Something like their two-level suite model may be something to think about for a kite powered ship of slightly smaller size.

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