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Introduction – Put Money where Mouth Is

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    Seasteader- wrote:
    Quote : I’m loudspeaker praying type, and my partner is quiet “all the time” type. we get along great, helps to balance each other. I’ll be at the section of the colony (about 2-5kms out from your stead? how loud is your speaker anyway)

    thinking of having underwater speakers for communication with marine animals and divers.

    in terms of external air speakers, was thinking of using them as a potential defensive weapon via mind-control (binaural beats), communication etc.

    with the quiet all the time types, but see you at the central ‘Island’ off and on then?

    as long as it’s a place of freedom I can at least visit,

    though yes we are planning on having a floating island seastead, using hydrofoils and hydrokites, for moving along the current.

    Enjoy your prayers,

    magic spells :-)

    See you at the central ‘island’ for smokes or stuff then.

    Quote : From Happy Internationally Recognized Laws http://www.scribd.com/doc/42058591/Happy-Internationally-Recognized-Laws Laws not working or written correctly in most landsteads.

    actually they are signed and ratified by the vast majority of nations.

    Would you try to give candidacy a shot to attempt a change?

    no. I’m disgusted by gambling.

    I prefer to have concrete accomplishments through manual creation i.e. seasteads.

    Quite : calm aware desire choice love express intuit move Nice set of NLPs at the end if not intended in reverse.

    it’s based on chakra’s and we you net constitution..

    Your avatar is so illuminati.


    Illuminated Illuminator me be.

    codal mauruder mage.

    Have you decided on a location for SSing yet?

    the Pacific,

    migration route along the current,

    I love many of the countries along the migration route.

    Peru, Chile, Columbia, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand, Borneo, Bougainville, Japan, Russia, and maybe even China.

    also having an Antarctic base could be quite exciting in that it’s quite close to outer-space environment.

    tthough now that I think about it, it’s not really the “country” per sei, but the eco-region and forests that I’m refering to.

    Total Physical Freedom and Total Mental Autonomy, Tempered with Common Sense. Utopia – Capitalism with Socialist Caps on Personal Wealth – US$20 Million http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=36665503866/quote

    I prefer natural law. Predators are part of nature.

    People or organizations that amass too much wealth or get too “fat” could be preyed upon by anyone.

    calm aware desire choice love express intuit move

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    10K for a 60ft platform? Not bad. Try downloading the schematics or choosing an Indian or Chinese company then taking your plans to them to build it.

    It would probably cost less than 1000 by the time they’re done with it. Labour costs also factor in. Currency exchange as well. So when are you going to tell us where we can get your 1000 platform?

    Keep me informed, I’m interested. Have you located a place for Seasteading yet? Know any friendly governments that would allow use of their continental shelf but not impose their laws? Just remember, any quake zones or tsunami prone zones are out of the question.

    Total Physical Freedom and Total Mental Autonomy, Tempered with Common Sense.

    Utopia – Capitalism with Socialist Caps on Personal Wealth – US$20 Million

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    I would like to see proof of this platform…

    I would also like to say that I am currently working with some friends on writing a defense doctrine for sea-steading communities using information from those who have been doing Maritime security for many, many years (Military, Law Enforcement and Private Sector). The General idea is to have several plans and propose each one of them and have the people agree on what is best for the community. Currently what I have come up with is a Mix between a Militia and a standing security force, this standing security force would be a privately owned and operated company. I will post some soon, but I do not like to post unfinished proposals. If you are interested in helping with this doctrine and you have Military, Law Enforcement, or Security background (or not) email me abshirejw@gmail.com and we can work together to cuss/discuss ideas.

    John Abshire

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    Hi @John Abshire,

    Doctrine? Too complicated. The next thing we know we will have an honour code and be goosestepping to brass bands. A Thou Shalt not Kill Steal Or Fornicate W/O permission with one’s neighbours womenfolk should suffice. The red light district section is in yonder section of pontoons . . .

    Also each man carries their own weapons whatever their preference. No need for a militia or what not. Just look at the Libyans! Bags I, ye olde Stinger ! Maybe ban silencers though for obvious reasons.

    No militarisation or uniformisation pls. well maybe the faux types like Dennis Hopper wore in ‘Waterworld’ . . . yeah we’re all Admirals arrr, know what a junta is, thats where we are headed if we ‘organize’ – think ‘Lord of the Flies’ so better keep it every man for himself – tend to behave better than when grouped into warriors and boffins and peasants – guess who rules in law of jungle etc.. . . . or we may end up with a bunch of turf gangs, so lets keep it as civvie as possible.

    Maybe each ‘type’ could live in a different section of the SS and meet at the ‘Hub’? No one size fits all solutions is what SSing is about, though an open door policy should be there for people who change their mind, want to try out, but later don’t like whatever agreed on system, or grow tired of whatever system. It’s NEVER written in stone, the way like those Land steads imagine their laws and constitutions are.

    I’d still discuss this with ya though cos we need those ‘Quint’ (Jaws I) types to handle pirates and sea monsters. Oops that was 20K Leagues, though the Nautilus paradigm IS being floated for SSing here by @ellmer though . . .

    Maybe what we need more is a Freedom Doctrine than a Military Doctrine. There are enough landsteads influenced by that sort of thing already to warrant further export of the same ‘Vaderism’ to what many of us hope will be ‘Utopian’ SSing.

    Crop, Fish, Cook, Surf, Stoned, Daydream. After the surveillance society of big bro/govt., electronics free SSing is paradise. Aye Jonny?

    Total Physical Freedom and Total Mental Autonomy, Tempered with Common Sense.

    Utopia – Capitalism with Socialist Caps on Personal Wealth – US$20 Million

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    As for your ideas on Seasteading Defense Doctrine if you go back through the various threads you’ll find plenty to read. I like the Militia concept and find the privately owned and operated security force problematic at best. The only way to pay for something like that would be taxes of some sort…

    < http://ocr.wikia.com/wiki/Oceanic_Citizens_Republic_Wiki>

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